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Pretty Lights We Must Go On Pretty Lights   We Must Go On
Absolutely nothing not to like about new Pretty Lights material, especially when it’s free. As a bonus Derek Vincent Smith paired the tune with a self-produced video. Two for the price of none, not a bad deal.
“We Must Go On” follows the classic Pretty Lights formula by blending flavors of funk, soul and hip-hop together into a track you’d be proud to spin at a party, blast out of your ride or plug your headphones in for during an all night study sesh. Smith said of the new release, “the creation of this track and video is also an artistic explanation as to why I chose the name “Pretty Lights” for my musical project. It embodies the essence of the artistic eye and the idea that almost any moment, anywhere, can be a moment of inspiration and beauty.” Locations featured in the video include Detroit, Warsaw, Oslo, NYC, Vancouver, London, Paris, Prague, and others.
While you’re welcome to grab a copy of the track below, we also encourage that you hit the PL website to register for future messages regarding fresh music, videos, tours and other fun bits of information that you would otherwise find yourself missing out on.

Pretty Lights - We Must Go On (official music video) from Pretty Lights Music on Vimeo.

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DJ Underdog takes the helm for our latest Africa In Your Earbuds installment. The Washington, D.C. based spinner — and designer behind some stellar Earbuds’ cover art — braids the continent together playing through SA House, Soukous, Coupé-Décalé, and Hipflife jams.
Stream and snatch Underdog’s 57-minute AIYE #10 mixtape below — with cuts from Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, and a track of the year choice DJ Sbu x Zahara collabo. Plus, exclusive drops from our own ?uestlove, Rich Medina and Les Nubians.


2. DJ Sbu ft. Zahara – Lengoma
3. Malavi- Sugella
4. Cleo – Facebook
5. Outlaw – Bush Stomp
6. Wbeeza – Candel Groove
7. Yusako – La Da Di (Re-Edit)
8. Black Coffee ft. Zakes Bantwini- Juju (Bekzin Tekzin Remix)
9. Cndo- 6pack
10. Arafat – Move
11. Black Motion – We Have Love
12. Champion – War Dance
13. Blak & Silva — Major
14. V.I.P. — Away
15. Amilo – Karolina
16. Lassan – Echantillon Ya Pamba Ambiance
17. Emmerson- Tutu Party
18. Nico- Nakota Te Kobondela
19,. Exclusif – Sierra Leone No 1
20. Lita Bembo- JUDA
21. Oskido- Bennae Movako (Juju Eedit)
22. Culoe De Song – Bright Forest

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Currently Reading...Highly Recommended

Ayurveda, India's "science of life," is particularly ideal for healing and empowering the female body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda for Women explores in detail the landmark changes associated with the three stages of life--childhood, adulthood, and old age--and provides practical advice on exercise, sleep, diet, beauty care, meditation and massage, sex and relationships, childcare, menopause, and other issues central to women's lives today. Simple to enact and profound in effect, Ayurveda could be the answer many women are seeking. -

No Mas

Ms. Anne Much Love


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Cinematic Orchestra: All That You Give.......

This is my Everyday Song...So Epic...Fontella Bass reminds me of an Ancient.. Wise.. Mama.. Owl...Her voice is so firm and meaty...Its not in the length of the bars...Its all in the What and How.....A Warm Sweet Surrender for a Brick Day....Be Good 2 U..Bless Up....YeshiMa.....

Brianna McCarthy.......and a little bit @ the end has been a long minute...Hope ones are taking advantage of the frequency that this 2012 has rolled in with...Death and Transformation are the keys this year...Be willing to let go, to let in.....To ultimately fly...This year in particular, is a time to really think about what it is that you want and simply ask...This is a serious section of reconstruction...Gather your tools and be that divine architect....In other waters.....I ran across this artist and her work looking for random, not really needed pleasantries online....Its just lovely....Brianna McCarthy..Trinidad and Tobago based artist...Please check her @ Her work is vibrant...honest...and simply celebrates us womb workers....BLESS.....YeshiMa.....

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Aphotica Occurences """""""""

He lives in D.C. (respect the architectx)

Herbs that kill Cancers, HIV, and Everything Else▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

 These are the  times. Nothing more nothing less. Arm thyself...

Pao Pereira

Pao Pereira is a tree from the Amazon rainforest. The extract seems to effectively suppress the proliferation of HIV, herpes viruses, cancer and leukemia cells
Effective in preventing prostate cancer and/or reducing PSA levels*.
Used in the treatment of malaria; to boost the immune system. Can be useful in combating Aids and herpes.
Alkaloids from Pao Pereira have the same toxic effect against certain cancer cells; however with no such effect on normal cells.
Pao Pereira also inhibits replication of the Herpes simplex virus genome.
It crosses the blood-brain barrier easily and attaches itself to potential cancer cells.
The alkaloids carry a risk of toxicity only in cases of overdose and have no side effects.
The tincture can be applied to all types of disease involving immunodeficiency and can be used as a synergistic adjunct therapy alongside chemo- and radiotherapy in many forms of cancer.

ConstituentsIndole and beta-carboline alkaloids: geissospermine, flavopereirine, vellosine, geissoschizoline (and derivatives, geissoschizoline N4-oxide (2) and 1,2-dehydrogeissoschizoline), pausperadine.

Part used: inner bark.

PharmacologyFlavopereirine exerts a selective inhibition action on viral HIV infection, particularly in patients infected by HIV-1; providing a method for the treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
Shows promise for treating low-grade prostate cancer and preventing the onset of metastatic disease** and/or reducing the doubling time of PSA levels in men with positive biopsies; showing relatively low Gleason scores and morphologies characteristic of non-invasive, slow-progressing prostate cancer.

Dosage Cancers (used alone or in synergy with chemotherapy or radiation therapy)
Tincture: 2 - 8 ml/day (2 - 8 full droppers per day)
Infusion: 3 - 5 cups/day

Viral diseases (Aids, Herpes, Hepatitis C)
Tincture: 2 - 8 ml/day
Infusion: 3 - 5 cups/day

Side effects and / or interactions No known side effects; pregnant or lactating women or those taking prescription medications, should consult their doctor.

* Prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland. The PSA test measures the level of PSA in the blood.

** Spread of cancer from one part of the body to another.

References Indole and -Carboline Alkaloids from Geissospermum sericeum Jonathan C. P. Steele, Nigel C. Veitch, Geoffrey C. Kite, Monique S. J.nSimmonds,* and David C. Warhurst, Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3DS, U.K., and Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, U.K. 


Graviola Actions: anticancerous, antitumorous, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, hypotensive

Main Uses: for cancer (all types), as a broad-spectrum internal and external antimicrobial to treat bacterial and fungal infections, for internal parasites and worms, for high blood pressure, for depression, stress, and nervous disorders

Actions Documented by Research: antibacterial, anticancerous, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, antifungal, antimalarial, antimutagenic (cellular protector), antiparasitic, antispasmodic, antitumorous, cardiodepressant, emetic (causes vomiting), hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), insecticidal, sedative, uterine stimulant, vasodilator

Actions Documented by Traditional Use: antiviral, cardiotonic (tones, balances, strengthens the heart), decongestant, digestive stimulant, febrifuge (reduces fever), nervine (balances/calms nerves), pediculicide (kills lice), vermifuge (expels worms)

Cautions: It has cardiodepressant, vasodilator, and hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) actions. Large dosages can cause nausea and vomiting. Avoid combining with ATP-enhancers like CoQ10.

The Graviola tree produces a large, edible fruit that and is used in natural medicine in the tropics (including the bark, leaves, roots, fruit, and seeds). In its indigenous use, Graviola is taken in different forms for parasites, fevers, diarrhea, diabetes, as a sedative and heart tonic as well as for liver problems and arthritis pain.
In 1976 the National Cancer Institute conducted a plant screening program in which graviola leaves and stem showed active toxicity against cancer cells. Since that time, Graviola has been the subject of various clinical research. Research show specific acetogenins in Graviola, and/or extracts of Graviola, have been reported to be selectively toxic in vitro to certain types of tumor cells including: lung carcinoma cell lines; human breast solid tumor lines; prostate adenocarcinoma; pancreatic carcinoma cell lines; colon adenocarcinoma cell lines; liver cancer cell lines; human lymphoma cell lines; and multi-drug resistant human breast adenocarcinoma.
Researchers in Taiwan reported In 2003 one study reported that the main Graviola acetogenin (annonacin) was highly toxic to ovarian, cervical, breast, bladder and skin cancer cell lines, saying; “. . . annonacin is a promising anti-cancer agent and worthy of further animal studies and, we would hope, clinical trials.”
In March of 2002 researchers in Japan studied various acetogenins found in several species of plants. On mice inoculated with lung cancer cells: 1/3 received no treatment (control group), 1/3 received a chemotherapy drug (Adriamycin), and 1/3 received the main Graviola acetogenin. After two weeks, five of the six in the control group were still alive. The Adriamycin group showed a 54.6% reduction of tumor mass over the control group, however half of the animals had died from toxicity. The mice receiving annonacin were all alive, the tumors were reduced by 57.9%, and without toxicity. The research group summarized; “This suggested that annonacin was less toxic in mice. On considering the antitumor activity and toxicity, annonacin might be used as a lead to develop a potential anticancer agent.”
Current Practical Graviola Uses
Pharmaceutical companies and universities continue to research, test, patent, and attempt to synthesize these chemicals into new chemotherapy drugs. It has taken researchers ten years to successfully chemically reproduce the main anti-tumorous chemical in Graviola (annonacin). Now that scientists are able to recreate this chemical in the laboratory, they have to change the chemical slightly (without losing any of the anti-tumorous actions) to become a chemical which can be patented for a new patented cancer drug, because naturally occurring plant chemicals cannot be patented.
Currently many health practitioners and cancer patients are adding natural Graviola leaf and stem as a complementary therapy to their existing cancer treatments. Graviola has a long, safe history as a herbal remedy for many conditions, and research suggests that the anti-tumorous acetogenins are toxic to only cancer cells and not healthy cells.
Important: research confirms that these acetogenins also occur in high amounts in Graviola seeds and roots, however different alkaloid chemicals in the seeds and roots have shown preliminary in vitro neurotoxic effects. Therefore, using the seeds and root of Graviola is not recommended at this time.
The therapuetic dosage of Graviola leaf is reported to be 2-3 grams taken 3-4 times daily.
Visit for more details.

If you living in Washington D.C. You can only find these herbs at Blue Nile Botanicals 

Nacinimod Deode▲▲

"Standing steadfast like a mast amidst the sinking sands of time in this cosmic hourglass. Rule your realm right. Be Brave, be fearless." Nacinimod Deodee

 Nacinimod Deodee for from StyleLikeU on Vimeo.

✐✐✐Robert Glasper EPK

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Punk In Africa✵ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✹

… tells the story of the multi-racial punk movement within recent political and social upheavals experienced in three Southern African countries - South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe - tracing the music to its roots in the underground rock music of early 1970s Johannesburg, to the Soweto Uprising and the militant anti-apartheid hardcore and post-punk bands of the 1980s, to the rise of celebratory African-inspired ska bands in the democratic era of the 1990s, to today, as an emerging generation of bands continue to draw on this legacy to confront the political challenges of contemporary Zimbabwe and the uncertain identity issues of the Afrikaans minority in South Africa. from Punk in Africa on Vimeo.

Slices Feature: Osunlade ▲▲

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Insert Cinema Here_________

El somriure amagat

Ficció documental
Espanya, 2011
Idioma: Amarico
Director: Ventura Durall
Producció: Nanouk films
Durada: 13 minuts min
Rodat a Etiòpia, aquest treball és una reflexió en clau de faula realista sobre els valors d'una societat on els nens s'han de fer grans abans d'hora.

Mostra el camí iniciàtic d'un nen de 10 anys que arriba a la capital d'Etiòpia després d'escapar de casa i es troba amb un grup de nens del carrer.

 El somriure amagat

Sundance 2012 selection, “Fishing Without Nets” (Jallaabasho Shabaq La’Aan) is a short narrative film shot guerilla-style by 24-year old American film maker, Cutter Hodierne about Somali pirates. What sets this short apart from the regular buzz about the Somali pirates is that it has only one theme: to tell the story of the pirates from the perspective of the pirates themselves.

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