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It's Not an Apple a Day After All -- It's Strawberries: Flavonoids Could Represent Two-Fisted Assault On Diabetes and Nervous System Disorders____███☼

ScienceDaily (June 28, 2011) — A recent study from scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies suggests that a strawberry a day (or more accurately, 37 of them) could keep not just one doctor away, but an entire fleet of them, including the neurologist, the endocrinologist, and maybe even the oncologist.

Investigations conducted in the Salk Institute's Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory (CNL) will appear in the June 27, 2011, issue of PLoS ONE. The report explains that fisetin, a naturally-occurring flavonoid found most abundantly in strawberries and to a lesser extent in other fruits and vegetables, lessens complications of diabetes. Previously, the lab showed that fisetin promoted survival of neurons grown in culture and enhanced memory in healthy mice. That fisetin can target multiple organs strongly suggests that a single drug could be used to mitigate numerous medical complications.

"This manuscript describes for the first time a drug that prevents both kidney and brain complications in a type 1 diabetes mouse model," says David Schubert, Ph.D., professor and head of the Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory and one of the manuscript's co-authors. "Moreover, it demonstrates the probable molecular basis of how the therapeutic is working."

Pam Maher, Ph.D., a senior staff scientist in the CNL, is the study's corresponding author. Maher initially identified fisetin as a neuroprotective flavonoid ten years ago. "In plants, flavonoids act as sunscreens and protect leaves and fruit from insects," she explains. "As foods they are implicated in the protective effect of the 'Mediterranean Diet.'"

Other celebrity flavonoids include polyphenolic compounds in blueberries and red wine.

Although her group's focus is neurobiology, Maher and colleagues reasoned that, like other flavonoids, fisetin might ameliorate a spectrum of disorders seen in diabetic patients. To test this, they evaluated effects of fisetin supplementation in Akita mice, a very robust model of type 1 diabetes, also called childhood onset diabetes.

Akita mice exhibit increased blood sugar typical of type 1 diabetes and display pathologies seen in serious human complications of both type 1 and 2 diabetes. Those include diabetic nephropathy or kidney disease, retinopathy, and neuropathies in which patients lose touch or heat sensations.

Mice fed a fisetin-enriched diet remained diabetic, but acute kidney enlargement-or hypertrophy-seen in untreated mice was reversed, and high urine protein levels, a sure sign of kidney disease, fell. Moreover, fisetin ingestion ameliorated anxiety-related behaviors seen in diabetic mice. "Most mice put in a large area become exploratory," says Maher. "But anxious mice tend not to move around. Akita mice showed enhanced anxiety behavior, but fisetin feeding restored their locomotion to more normal levels."

The study also defines a likely molecular mechanism underlying these effects. Researchers observed that blood and brain levels of sugars affixed to proteins known as advanced glycation end-products-or AGEs-were reduced in fisetin-treated compared to untreated Akita mice. These decreases were accompanied by increased activity of the enzyme glyoxalase 1, which promotes removal of toxic AGE precursors.

The discovery of an AGE-antagonizing enzyme upregulated by fisetin is very intriguing, because substantial evidence implicates high blood AGE levels with many if not most diabetic complications. "We know that fisetin increases activity of the glyoxalase enzyme and may increase its expression," says Maher. "But what is important is that ours is the first report that any compound can enhance glyoxalase 1 activity."

Interestingly, excessively high AGE levels also correlate with inflammatory activity thought to promote some cancers. In fact, studies published by others confirm that fisetin decreases tumorigenicity of prostate cancer cells both in culture and in animal models, which if supported would represent a major added incentive to eat your strawberries.

To ingest fisetin levels equivalent to those fed Akita mice, Maher estimates that humans would have to eat 37 strawberries a day, assuming that strawberry fisetin is as readily metabolizable by humans as fisetin-spiked lab chow is by mice. Rather than through diet, Maher envisions that fisetin-like drugs could be taken as a supplement.

Schubert notes that fisetin is also effective in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease. "We and others have shown that diabetes may be a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, making identification of a safe prophylactic like fisetin highly significant," he says.

Maher acknowledges that the public may be suffering from flavonoid-fatigue, given media coverage of the promises of these compounds. "Polyphenolics like fisetin and those in blueberry extracts are found in fruits and vegetables and are related to each other chemically," she says. "There is increasing evidence that they all work in multiple diseases. Hopefully some combination of these compounds will eventually get to the clinic."

Schubert concurs that their findings only reinforce what common sense and our mothers told us was a healthy lifestyle. "Eat a balanced diet and as much freshly prepared organic food as possible, get some exercise, keep socially and mentally active and avoid sodas with sugar and highly processed foods since they can contain high levels of AGEs," he advises.

But he also worries that hoops that must be jumped through to bring a natural product like fisetin, as opposed to a totally synthetic drug, to clinical trials are daunting because it is difficult to protect patents on natural products. "We will never know if a compound like fisetin works in humans until someone is willing to support a clinical trial."

Also contributing to this study were Richard Dargusch and Jennifer L. Ehren, Ph.D.,of the Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory, and Kumar Sharma, M.D., and Shinichi Okada, M.D., Ph.D., of the Department of Medicine at University of California, San Diego.

Funding for the study came from the Fritz B. Burns Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Hewitt Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health.

Story Source:

The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by Salk Institute.

Journal Reference:

  1. Pamela Maher, Richard Dargusch, Jennifer L. Ehren, Shinichi Okada, Kumar Sharma, David Schubert. Fisetin Lowers Methylglyoxal Dependent Protein Glycation and Limits the Complications of Diabetes. PLoS ONE, 2011; 6 (6): e21226 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0021226

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Afrobeat For Ya Soul! Featuring Sahel

As the summer heat is beating down on our bodies Afrobeat for Ya Soul is a cool breath of fresh air. Come and dance out your week with the sounds and vibrations of DJ UNDERDOG spinning upstairs and SAHEL performing live downstairs.

Sahel, a stretch of land between African desert and rainforest, is an ancient symbol of trade and travel where people from various continents have throughout time exchanged goods, ideas and cultures. Sahel is a band of musicians from diverse backgrounds who believe in honoring multicultural evolution by performing currently relevant music like Zouk, Mbalax, Samba, Reggae, and Salsa.

Lunchbox Theory Presents…

Afrobeat for Ya Soul!

Thursday June, 30 @9pm

Bossa Lounge

2463 18th St NW

DJ Underdog



Free face paint!

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Icaro Doria, a Brazilian man, working for a magazine in Portugal started this campaign using real data from the UN and flag images, he’s created whats known as Meet the World. The colors within the flags from its respective country are used to represent current, geographical relevant issues. Take a look.

United States







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Who was Simple Simon◥◥◥◥


Jamaica’s Foundation Dancehall Singer Simple Simon had a special gift of a talented lyricist, as his songs have enriched every collectors shelf with many, hit singles throughout his career.

In 1985 he recorded the albums ‘Bad Man’ produced by Ranking Joe and ‘Reggae move’ a production by Bunny Lee.

Although diagnosed with terminal cancer in late 2000, Simple Simon refused to allow his illness to disable his ability to continue to perform and promote classic reggae music.

He even refused to have his larynx removed
when he found out he’d never be able
to sing again. After a long battle with cancer of the esophagus, he transitioned on February 6, 2004.
Simple Simon- Yard Run Cold

Simple Simon- My Sound

Simple Simon- Heng Down My Head

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For My Friends at Union by anthonyvaladez
Quadron – Average Fruit (Lazy Sunday Remix)
Boomclap Bachelors- Lop Stop Sta
King – Supernatural
Ge-Ology – Longin (Feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Rene Costy – Scrabble
Gretchen Parlato – I Can’t Help It
Wild Cookie – On The Road
Sect – In The Park (Feat. Ben Westbeech)
Dez – Rock With You
Blawan – Getting Me Down
Nate Calhoun – Fun Time
James Blake – CMYK
Destiny’s Child – Bills Bills Bills (James Blake Remix)
Quadron – Baby Be Mine

▗ ▝▝ ▘ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞ ▞

vintageblack2:  Free Angela Badge

coNcrete kIngdoM▗ ▝▝ ▘ ▞

◥◥INTL GEOGRPHICS Photographed by Tetsuharu Kubota

Photographed by Tetsuharu Kubota
Fashion Editor: Andrew Mukamal
Make-up: Kristin Gallegos
Hair: Wesley Graham
Model: Sesilee Lopez at Supreme

◥◥◥◥Stephen Marley feat. Damian Marley & Buju Banton - Jah Army (DJ Res-Q Video Edit)

▲▲▲▲Japan Scientist Makes Meat Out of Feces▲▲▲▲

poop burger 1

Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a researcher from the Okayama Laboratory, has developed steaks based on proteins from human excrement. Tokyo Sewage approached the scientist because of an overabundance of sewage mud. They asked him to explore the possible uses of the sewage and Ikeda found that the mud contained a great deal of protein because of all the bacteria.

The researchers then extracted those proteins, combined them with a reaction enhancer and put it in an exploder which created the artificial steak. The “meat” is 63% proteins, 25% carbohydrates, 3% lipids and 9% minerals. The researchers color the poop meat red with food coloring and enhance the flavor with soy protein. Initial tests have people saying it even tastes like beef.

Inhabitat notes that “the meatpacking industry causes 18 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions, mostly due to the release of methane from animals.” Livestock also consume huge amounts of resources and space in efforts to feed ourselves as well as the controversy over cruelty to animals. Ikeda’s recycled poop burger would reduce waste and emissions, not to mention obliterating Dante’s circle for gluttons.

The scientists hope to price it the same as actual meat, but at the moment the excrement steaks are ten to twenty times the price they should be thanks to the cost of research. Professor Ikeda understands the psychological barriers that need to be surmounted knowing that your food is made from human feces. They hope that once the research is complete, people will be able to overlook that ugly detail in favor of perks like environmental responsibility, cost and the fact that the meat will have fewer calories.

Waste not; want not.



▲❍Just in Case You Needed to Know Why You Love Them So.....

Mangoes are abundant during the summer season. Mango is widely known as the "king of fruit", and that is not without a purpose. It is regarded as a valuable item of diet and a household remedy. It is rich in amino acids, vitamin C and E, flavonoids, beta carotene, niacin, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

About 4000 BC ago, the wild mango originated in the foothills of the Himalayas of India and Burma, and about 40 to 60% of these trees still grow in India and Southeast Asia. Also known as Mangifera Indica, this exotic fruit belongs to the family of Anacardiaceae. Though native to Southern and Southeast Asia, the fruit is now also grown in Central and South America, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula also. Today there are over 1,000 different varieties of mangos throughout the world.

Below are the numerous health and nutrition benefits of eating mangoes:

  1. Anti cancer: The phenols in mangoes, such as quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat, as well as the abundant enzymes, have cancer-preventing capacities. Mango is also high in a soluble dietary fiber known as pectin. Scientist have identified a strong link between eating lots of fiber and a lower risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. A cup of sliced mangoes (around 165 gram) contain 76 percent of the needed daily value of vitamin C, a potent antioxidant which helps protect cells from free radical damage and reduces risk of cancer.

  2. Eye health: One cup of sliced mangoes supplies 25 percent of the needed daily value of vitamin A, which promotes good eyesight. Eating mangoes regularly prevents night blindness, refractive errors, dryness of the eyes, softening of the cornea, itching and burning in the eyes.

  3. Helps in digestion: Mangoes contain digestive enzymes that help break down proteins and aid digestion. It is also valuable to combat acidity and poor digestion because of an enzyme found in the fruit which soothes the stomach. Due to the high amounts of fiber found in mango, it can be a helpful in keeping you regular, thereby helping or preventing constipation.

    In India, a decoction of the mango peel is given to people with inflammation of the stomach mucus membranes. Eating one or two small tender mangoes in which the seed is not fully formed with salt and honey is found to be very effective medicine for summer diarrhoea, dysentery, piles, morning sickness, chronic dyspepsia, indigestion and constipation.

  4. Benefits to skin: Mango is effective in relieving clogged pores of the skin. What this means is that people who suffer from acne, which is caused by clogged pores, will benefit from mango. Just remove the mango pulp and apply it on your skin for about 10 minutes before washing it. Eating mango regularly makes the complexion fair and the skin soft and shining.

  5. Helps in diabetes: Mango leaves help normalize insulin levels in the blood. Boil a few mango leaves in water and allow it to saturate through the night. Consume the filtered decoction in the morning for diabetic home remedy. The glycemic index of mango is low, ranging between 41-60. So, mango does not have any significant effect in increasing blood sugar levels.

  6. For better sex: The Vitamin E that is abundantly present in mangoes helps to regulate sex hormones and boosts sex drive.

  7. Beneficial for anemia: Mangoes are beneficial for pregnant women and individuals suffering from anemia because of their iron content. Also, vitamin C in the mango enhances the absorption of iron from vegetable food like rice. Generally women after menopause become weak and they should take mangoes and other fruits rich in iron.

  8. Boost memory: Mangoes are useful to children who lack concentration in studies as it contains Glutamine acid which is good to boost memory and keep cells active.

  9. Avoid heat stroke: Unripe mangoes, a rich source of pectin, when steamed and juiced with cumin (jeera), rock salt and sugar, provide an excellent remedy for heat stroke and heat exhaustion in summer.

  10. Weight gain: Mangoes can be beneficial for people wanting to gain weight. A 100 gram of mango contains about 75 calories. Also, raw mangoes contain starch which get converted into sugar as the fruit ripens. So ripe and sweet mangoes when consumed with milk (rich in protein) can be very helpful in weight gain.

Mangoes can be eaten both raw and ripe. Mangoes are a good source of vitamins and minerals essential for the human body. Always have mangoes in your daily diet as this can benefit your health more than you usual non fiber diet.

NEW>>>VIDEO: Boom Clap Bachelors – Løb Stop Stå▼▼▼▼

Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest◥◥◥◥


BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE: THE TRAVELS OF A TRIBE CALLED QUEST is a documentary film directed by Michael Rapaport about one of the most influential and groundbreaking musical groups in hip-hop history. Having released five gold and platinum selling albums within eight years, A Tribe Called Quest has been one of the most commercially successful and artistically significant musical groups in recent history, and regarded as iconic pioneers of hip hop. The band’s sudden break-up in 1998 shocked the industry and saddened the scores of fans, whose appetite for the group’s innovative musical stylings never seems to diminish. A hard-core fan himself, Rapaport sets out on tour with A Tribe Called Quest in 2008, when they reunited to perform sold-out concerts across the country, almost ten years after the release of their last album, The Love Movement. As he travels with the band members (Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White), Rapaport captures the story of how tenuous their relationship has become; how their personal differences and unresolved conflicts continue to be a threat to their creative cohesion. When mounting tensions erupt backstage during a show in San Francisco, we get a behind-the-scenes look at their journey and contributions as a band and what currently is at stake for these long-time friends and collaborators.

For who asked where it comes from, i have no idea! is floating on the web.. i found a link even on twitter (HERE) it’s a screener so i suggest to enjoy in theaters next July (if you’re lucky to live in Usa).



HOW TO CLEAN, CLEANSE, CHARGE, ACTIVATE AND PROGRAM YOUR CRYSTAL - By Karen Ryan _(▒)(▒)_______███☼████___(░)(░


Preparing Your Crystal For Healing
To prepare your crystal for healing, first clean the crystal physically of any mud, oils, sand or other debris. Then using a cleansing technique, be sure any negative energies are removed from the crystal so that you do not transfer residual energies onto yourself or your client. For maximum healing effects, charging crystals will ensure the crystal is ready electromagnetically and is saturated with ultraviolet light which energizes each crystal. To "wake-up" your crystal, you may need to activate it into its role and mission.. And finally, program your crystal to direct the energy for a specific outcome or for support during a healing session.

Cleaning Crystals
If you purchased a crystal with mud on it, chances are it still has part of the growth matrix on it. The matrix is the part of the earth that the crystal grows in, full of mineral nutrients. Try using a dry brush first, to remove what you can but be careful as the crystal may be softer than the matrix it grows in. Then use a warm water bath and a stiff scrub brush for coarse crystals or a flexible medium-soft toothbrush for more brittle crystals. I sometimes use a high foaming dishwashing detergent with a scrub brush, using the lather to lift off small pieces of grit and sand from tight corners. The matrix on quartz crystals is usually yellow, somewhat cakey-hard like mud and can be removed in a 2-5 day bath of oxalic acid if brushing and water doesn't take it off. I suggest that you look at the following link to Sweet Surrender Mines in Arkansas which details the process better than I could write here for you.. A chemist/phamacist may be able to get the oxalic acid for you or try contacting one of the many mines on the web. Use 1 part oxalic acid to 2 parts water. As for "normal" mud, I suggest that you use a warm water bath and/or a high pressure hose stream at the mud. You can pick at the mud with a firm wooden stick. If you use a steel tool, you will probably scratch or break the crystal as steel is harder than the crystal. Let your crystal dry in the sun and catch those rays !

Cleansing Crystals
Once you have cleaned the crystal physically, the next step is to cleanse the crystal of unwanted vibrations and energies that come from other people handling the crystals during its mining, packing, transportation, unpacking and display before it has actually reached you. Crystals tend to take on energy indicriminately and like wearing someone else's clothing, you can feel what's not the right energy for you.

I have read and heard a lot from people advised to do everything from burying their crystals in salt for several weeks to performing elaborate cleansing ceremonies. Do what you feel comfortable with and what makes sense to you. Experiment and see what works for you. From my own extensive experience, I recommend using a salt water bath for crystals that are able to take salt. Salt is really good for removing negative energies from most crystals. However, some crystals like Angelite and some marbles and pearls are sensitive to salt and their surfaces can be damaged very quickly in a salt bath. For those, you can use a smudge (see below.).

You don't really need to soak your crystals very long in salt water. A minimum of 7 hours is usually all that is needed unless you have crystals that are extremely toxic for some reason. When I do some really, really heavy clearing with clients (exorcism level), I will soak the crystals is heavily saturated salt water for 3-4 days or longer. However, in normal daily wearing of crystals, a light short 7 hour bath every 2 weeks or so is fine. Get a plastic bowl large enough to hold your crystal(s). Glass is fine but it is a hard surface and you could chip your crystals easily if not careful. Fill the bowl with water to cover the crystals by about 1 inch. Room temerature water is fine and it would be best to have spring water whch is "alive" with nutrients that crystals like. For more refined energies, use distilled water. It doesn't matter to the crystal unless you go back and forth between extremes of very hot and very cold (even Pyrex has a maxium tolerance). Then, for each crystal, add 1 tablespoon of salt as a rough guideline. The "perfect" cleansing solution is a 30% solution of sea salt and spring water. If you have genuine sea water, use that ! As a intuitive, I usually just throw a handful of salt over the crystals and just leave the bucket in the sun to soak.

Try using a pendulum to help you determine when the crystals are ready to come out of the bath. This method works well for me, although I usually walk past the cleansing crystals and intuitively know when they are "done". When you pour off the salt water, do not touch the water or you will be transferring the negative energies back onto yourself. remember to thoroughly rinse off any salt resideue from your crystals. I let the crystals drip on to newpapers or tea towels.

Some people ask if there is a difference between using sea salt and table salt (rock salt). There is. Most people are not very sensitive to subtle energies. In my experience, I find that sea salt leaves the crystals with a different feeling than table salt. Sea salt has a more refined energy signature with a lot of small rainbow-coloured vibrations. Table salt is like a workhorse, less subtle, more coarse and has clunky yellow and grey-blue vibrations. If I plan to use a crystal at my upper chakras (3rd Eye or Crown), I will want it cleansed in sea salt, as these centres are very refined on my body and I prefer the more subtle vibration. Wouldn't you ? Try soaking two crystals - one in sea salt and onbe in table salt. Rinse thoroughly and then see if you can tell the difference energetically.

I've also smudged crystals with sage, sweetgrass or incense such as frankincense to cleanse them. This is especially good for crystals that cannot be soaked in salt water. I usually spend about 3-7 minutes doing a smudge, fanning the incense over the crystals with a feather fan. This is particularly good of you have a whole cabinet full of crystals or some that are very large and awkward to bathe. Try not to use your hand as a fan - as the smoke rises, it pulls out and takes the negative energies away from the crystal. Passing your hand in this smoke will track these negative energies onto yourself. Don't forget to give yourself a good smudge to clear your own negative energies, especially your hands which are handling crystals directly.You can also rinse your hands in salt water after using the crystals either on yourself or someone else.

Charging Crystals
Sunlight re-charges crystals with ultrviolet light, sometimes called light radiation. You see, when the crystal comes from the Earth, it is has been nutured in yin energy, the feminine. The crystal has been taking nutrients from the ground - gases, water, various minerals and other nutrients to develop into a crystal. When it is "harvested" from the Earth, it is being removed from the yin energies and needs now to receive yang energies as its source of energy renewal. So, the ultrviolet light from the sun, the full spectrum of light, restores the crystals depleted energies. The time it takes depends on the crystal's capacity to absorb the light (it's crystalline energy structure has a lot to do with it), the stage of energy depletion within the crystal, and I think the will of the person who has been handling the crystal. Typically, I find 4 hours in the sun once a week keeps a small crystal energetic and alert. However, some crystals require a much longer time to recharge. You can experiment with the crystal by putting it in the sun for 1 week then holding it in your hand. You may receive and energy discharge from the crystal ! Also use your pendulum to check if it is ready and also to find out the percentage of replenishment.

There are another six methods of re-charging crystals that I teach in my crystal healing classes. Programming a crystal will also take up some of the energy of a crystal and that you may need to recharge more often depending on the usage of the crystal. Also crystals vary a lot between each other in terms of ability to store energy. Size has something to do with it, but also the energy structure of each crystal will be its ability to hold an energy charge.

Activating Your Crystal
Some readers will not be familiar with how to activate a crystal. Sometimes, a crystal can be a "sleeper", and needs to know it is going to be used for healing or meditative purposes. Making a spiritual connection with the crystal helps to activate it, to awaken its consciousness. You can activate your crystal through an initiation ritual, by holding it, rolling it quickly back and forth in your hands, sleeping with it, gazing at it, washing it and generally handling it. To awaken its consciousness through ritual, offer some sage, sweetgrass or tabacco and indicate your intent for use of the crystal (e.g. for healing). This event marks the initiation of the crystal and makes an energy connection with the person using the crystal. Remember to fully recharge your crystal after you've been handling it for activation purposes.

Programming Crystals
Why do we want to program our crystals ? There is a folklore that crystals carry programming (a set of instructions) put there by other people or other beings before we acquire the crystals and that sometimes we do not want that. Well, I have the view that first, crystals come on the planet already with a set of instructions on how to grown, what structure, where, how fast and with what energy characteristics - just like humans who have a set of genetic instructions. This inherent pattern cannot be changed. It is up to your own belief system whether there were extra-terrestials or others who have loaded instructions into crystals or not. Let's move on then.

Second, each crystal has its own mission, or its own programming for healing. Sometimes, it is to provide a grounding force on the planet, maybe working energetically with other crystals in the earth to provide a network of stabile energy across the planet as part of the physical matrix of the planet. Sometimes, the crystal will carry a specific energy signature by resonating tones, colours and other vibrations that are provided through compassionate forces for humans and other life forms on Earth. Crystal people sometimes say that a crystal resonates for a particular chakra, or has a mission to "clear a past life" for instance. We don't want to harm that type of programming either.

Third, there is a blank database in each crystal. This is a spiritual (ie, not physical) energy centre which has the ability to store new instruction. Just like humans who have infinate capacity for spirituality, the crystal can translate and absorb an energy signature from outside itself and store it into a crystalline energy structure within itself. Now this is the real esoteric work of a crystal ! The mundane science of a crystal explains some of how these energy instructions are stored, but now we've left that far behind now and are going into an area of deep inner science! This database sometimes gets filled up with unconscious instructions from people handling the crystal, unaware they are projecting energy thought forms that are picked up and stored by the crystal. So, we will want to be sure that the database is empty of any unknown programming first. When we add our set of instructions. The crystal will then resonate with those instructions, amplifying, broadcasting, and projecting the new set of energy patterns to ourselves or others as directed.

Here are some different programming techniques used with crystals.
1) A simple method is writing a thought on a piece of paper then placing a crystal on top to absorb the thought energy. The crystal magnifies the thought and acts as the transmitter, sending the thought in its amplified state to the target person or thing mentioned in the note. You can also use one of the other methods below and place the crystal on a person's photograh to send them an amplified thought.
2) You can also program your crystal by holding it in your hand then breathing in through your nose, hold the thought in your mind of what you want, then forcefully breath out (snort !) into the crystal through your nose. Do this on each side of the crystal to program it. There are 6 sides to a clear quartz crystal. This is a powerful programming technique that I teach in my classes and hope you will benefit from it. You can also read about this technique at the Vogel-Cut Crystal site.
3) Another method is to create a circular breath by holding the thought of what you desire in your mind and then breath slowly and naturally through your nose into the crystal and then breath energy back in from the crystal. Repeat this circular breath for 10 - 20 minutes. This is an effective meditative techniqueand is quite powerful to direct your mind for positive results.

You can put as many thoughts, affirmations or items such as holographic images into your crystal. Whenever you want to clear them out, just forcefully breathe the word "CLEAR!" into the crystal 6 times (one for each side of the crystal) and this will be done. By the way, if you are holoding a crystal and are thinking bad thoughts, don't. Put the crystal down and clear your mind. Revisit yout intent and then you can proceed to use the crystal, unless you need to cleanse the crystal of any negativity its picked up or to clear it of any unintentional programming. Crystals are indiscriminate about energy, but Spirit isn't - so please use them for positive purposes.

I program my crystals for protection, to enhance my dream states, to store affirmations ("I am healthy, wealthy and wise!") among other usages. I have lots of suggestions for using programmed crystals and teach these methods in my classes. Please see my web site at for more articles about crystals.

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WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "NATURAL" & "ORGANIC"? Have you ever ask yourself that question? Many people think that there is no difference between the two and both mean the same. But this is not true. If you compare organic and natural from their definitions, the difference will be clear.

Organic food refers to food items that are produced, manufactured and handled using organic means defined by certifying bodies such as the (USDA) under its Organic Food Products Act. Natural food, on the other hand, generally refers to food items that are not altered chemically or synthesized in any form. These are derived from plants and animals. Thus a natural food item is not necessarily organic and vice verse.

But the important question is - "Why do some people prefer coconut water from the such brands like Vita Coco, Zico or O.N.E"? Why not buy a REAL COCONUT and reap the true health benefits of it?

I have to admit, I too have consumed these products with the idea that I was getting a hydrating powerhouse every time I drank them. But in further research and simply rereading the labels again last week I am convinced that these products are yet another deception tactic of the "industry".

Natural is not Organic nor is it the complete truth. Consumers are misled, mis-advised, mis-educated, misinformed, misguided, mis-communicated, mis-conceived misdirected – well you get the idea – people have fail to notice what the food industry is doing to them. We need to wake up and SEEK THE TRUTH and see what the world is becoming.

Don’t buy


IGNORE THESE LABELS - They are just there to entice you to get you to buy their products -- this is BIG COMPANIES' ultimate goal and will do anything.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate claims of "all natural" or "natural vs organic". They might claim to, but in reality, they don't. Food companies can get away with using all sorts of non-natural processes and chemical ingredients in a food product

that they claim is all natural.

?????? Ok...more mindless chatter???

I just don't believe the nutritional value of these drinks is as effective as claimed. Buy a real coconut and enjoy the milky nutritious benefits sip for sip!. Prove me wrong and I will bu you a coconut...Bless

How Spiders Breathe Under Water: Spider's Diving Bell Performs Like Gill Extracting Oxygen from Water

ScienceDaily (June 13, 2011)Water spiders spend their entire lives under water, only venturing to the surface to replenish their diving bell air supply. Yet no one knew how long the spiders could remain submerged until Roger Seymour and Stefan Hetz measured the bubble's oxygen level. They found that the diving bell behaves like a gill sucking oxygen from the water and the spiders only need to dash to the surface once a day to supplement their air supply.

Gazing into the depths of a pond, it's hard to miss the insects that whirl and zip beneath the surface. However, only one species of spider has joined them: the diving bell spider, Argyroneta aquatica.

"It is an iconic animal; I had read about the spider as a small boy in popular literature about ponds," says Roger Seymour from the University of Adelaide. According to Seymour, each spider constructs a net of silk in vegetation beneath the surface and fills it with air carried down on its abdomen. The spiders spend their entire lives submerged and even lay their eggs in their diving bells. Having already used an oxygen-measuring device called an optode to discover how aquatic insects extract oxygen from water through thin bubbles of air stretched across their abdomens, Seymour was looking for other small bubbles to test his optode.

"The famous water spider came to mind," remembers Seymour, and when he mentioned the possibility to Stefan Hetz from Humboldt University, Germany, Hetz jumped at the idea. Inviting Seymour to his lab, the duo decided to collect some of the arachnids to find out how they use their diving bells. In The Journal of Experimental Biology, the duo report their discovery that the spiders can use the diving bell like a gill to extract oxygen from water to remain hidden beneath the surface.

Sadly, diving bell spiders are becoming increasingly rare in Europe; however, after obtaining a permit to collect the elusive animals, the duo eventually struck lucky in the Eider River. "My philosophy is to make some measurements and be amazed because if you observe nature it tells you much more than you could have imagined," says Seymour. So, returning to the lab, the team reproduced the conditions in a warm stagnant weedy pond on a hot summer's day to find out how the spiders fare in the most challenging of conditions.

After watching the spiders build their shimmering diving bells, the duo gingerly poked an oxygen sensing optode into the bubble to see how the animal reacted. Miraculously, the spider was unperturbed, so they continued recording the oxygen level. "Then it occurred to me that we could use the bubble as a respirometer," says Seymour, to find out how much oxygen the spiders consume.

Taking a series of oxygen measurements in the bubble and surrounding water, the team calculated the amount of oxygen flowing into the bubble before calculating the spider's oxygen consumption rate and found that the diving bell could extract oxygen from the most stagnant water even on a hot day. Also, the metabolic rate of the aquatic spider was low and similar to the low metabolic rates of other spiders that sit waiting for prey to pass.

However, despite satisfying the spider's oxygen demands, the bubble continually shrinks because nitrogen diffuses back into the water, eventually forcing the occupant to venture to the surface to resupply the diving bell. So how long could the bubble survive before the spider had to dash up for air? Calculating the diffusion rate of nitrogen out of the bubble, Seymour and Hetz were surprised to find that the spiders could sit tight for more than a day. "The previous literature suggested they had to come to the surface as often as every 20-40min throughout the day," comments Seymour, who adds, "It is advantageous for the spiders to stay still for so long without having to go to the surface to renew the bubble, not only to protect themselves from predation but also so they don't alert potential prey that come near."

The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by Journal of Experimental Biology, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS. The original article was written by Kathryn Knight.

Journal Reference:

  1. Roger S. Seymour, Stefan K. Hetz. The diving bell and the spider: the physical gill of Argyroneta aquatica. Journal of Experimental Biology, 2011; 214: 2175-2181 DOI: 10.1242/%u200Bjeb.056093

anD sO||||||||

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Instro Mix 2011

Peace everybody! Here's a brand new instrumental mix fresh for summer 2011 that I did with the good people over at The Find Magazine. It's nice & laid back, making it perfect for your BBQ's, travels, & beyond...


*Talk over Kithrmple - Me u 2 Instrumental
IV the Polymath - Iced Tea & Nachos (LIVE)
Daimyo - 2
Bob & The Devil - Sunrise Shadow
Damu The Fudgemunk - Fabrega's Discotecas (2006)
Jesse Lee - Chinwax
Louis Mackey - Sleepyheads
Jondis - The Way Home
magOwl - Odd School
Man Mantis - Sixth Finger
IV the Polymath - The Recipe
DREDi - Natural Thing
TeV95 - A Plus Stuff (Azar Break 1)
K-Def - K-Def/Redef Untitled
*Talk over IV the Polymath - Sriracha
Kithrimple - Supernova Instrumental


I Need That Record!

Great film for vinyl heads & anyone interested in the rise & fall of Record stores. Watched it recently on Netflix Instant & really enjoyed it. Brings you back to the "good old days" & provokes thoughts about the future of music.

∆ Thought ∆ Of ∆ The ∆ Day ∆

It's not what the future has in store for us, but what we have in store for the future.

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New Dj Mix: Osunlade > Message Of The Grasshopper!!




numinousnegrita:  Rich cocoa complexion under contrasting animal skin, silver bangles, arms wrapped up in gold rings, the shells…I love them. It all just pops. ♥
Its that time of the week(s) end where there are more things to do than not in #DC. But in all things, we must choose. Here are your options...


AfroBrazilFest’s Afrofusion Party — June 10, 2011

Event Time: 10:00 pm - 3:00 am

Event Venue: Fur Nightclub

Event Price: $10

Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Heritage Festival presents the HOTTEST Afrofusion party

LIVE Samba music by Tonho Materia all the way from Bahia, Brazil -- formerly of the legendary Samba Reggae group Olodum

DJ UNDERDOG spinning the hottest Afrobeat, African House, Reggae, and world vibes!

DJ Valnay spinning the Samba, Samba Reggae, Pagode, and Forro beats!

DJ Tony Carr spinning the latest Soca, Reggae, and Calypso!

Alma Tropicalia will be performing tropicalismo!

Sambart Entertainment Samba dancers will be performing throughout the night.

Dress code--Strictly Enforced. No shorts, boots, athletic wear



  • Also expect to see Jabari Exum on DJEMBE and other members of DC's best drum collective---> FARAFINA KAN

P.S. Taino Collection Jewelry will be on sight Sunday at Patty Boom Boom. Here are some looks below▼▼