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Favorite Books on Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Health

Peace!  I've been doing some heavy reading & research over the last few months about healing the body naturally.  I believe the body can heal itself given the right conditions to do so.  The truth is that there is no magic drug, herb, or even food that can be used to cure disease & injury.  The body heals itself!

When people start cleaning up their diet they feel better & have more energy.  This is not because of the "super foods" they are eating, or because of the vitamins & minerals they are getting, but because they body no longer has to fight against the acid & mucous-forming foods they once ate (meat, dairy, grains, neurotoxins, pesticides, GMO, salt, etc.).  It's not as much about what you are eating, but what you are not eating.  This gives the body a chance to alkalize, detoxify, & regenerate itself at the cellular level.  Of course we need organic fruits & vegetables to nourish our cells & give us energy, but the foods aren't what heal us.  I could go on all day, but instead will drop some book titles for those who are interested.

I've personally experienced many positive results with a low-fat raw vegan diet with regards to healing, mental clarity, energy, weight loss, spirituality, digestion, relationships, productivity, well-being, recovery time from exercise, reversing depression, & more - way more than I expected.  If you're interested in any of this stuff at all, but don't know where to start - please check out the following books!

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Dr. Robert Morse

The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham

Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret

Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody

The China Study

Dying To Have Known

Peace - this documentary is powerful & highly recommended.  For those that prefer Netflix - it's available on the instant stream as well...

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Five Fruits to keep you Cool this Summer

These are time of scorching heat. Sun is ruthless and the heat wave unsparing. But these are also the time when exotic fruits bloom in plenty.
And these fruits can have an immensely chilling effect on us. But the problem comes when an entire generation falls for Coke and Pepsi and gets estranged with the bounties of nature. People are quite oblivious about the health properties of these fruits. And even if they know, few care about procuring them.
MensXP recommends these five summer fruits to beat the heat this summer:

Black Plum or Jambul

The fruit is useful in spleen enlargement. The seed of the fruit is well-known diabetes. It reduces the quantity of sugar in the urine and quenches the maddening thirst. The fruit is also a good source of antioxidants.


The luscious litchi/lychee or Chinese Hazelnut is a very delicious fruit. People eagerly wait for its arrival during the summers. May-June is the best season for the fruit. This sub-tropical fruit has very good cooling, demulcent and aphrodisiac properties. It is also a good thirst-quencher.


It's not for nothing that Mango is called the 'King of Fruits' in India. The vastly delicious fruit is a storehouse of vitamins A and C. The ripe mango tones the heart, improves complexion, stimulates hunger, improves vision and is greatly helpful in liver disorders, loss of weight and physical abnormalities. The popular mango powder (amchur) made from green/unripe mango is very beneficial in scurvy and pyorrhea.


Muskmelon is a popular tropical fruit which is readily available during the summers. The fruit contains Vitamin A, B, C and minerals like magnesium, sodium and potassium. It has zero cholesterol and is safe for blood cholesterol patients. When consumed with jaggery, it helps in the curing of skin diseases. It greatly reduces the body heat when consumed regularly.


The succulent, scarlet-red watermelon is a delicious and health-building fruit. It contains large quantities of easily assimilable sugar. Being an alkaline fruit, it can be easily enjoyed by persons with acidosis. Its juice quench the thirst like anything. Rich in vitamin A,B, and C, products based on its juice can serve as wonderful cooling drinks. The fruit is also beneficial for combating hypertension.


DOCUMENTARY: The United States of Hoodoo
Written by Darius James and Oliver Hardt and directed by Hardt, the documentary The United States of Hoodoo explores the influence of African spirituality and religious customs, brought to the Americas by the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade centuries ago, in American popular culture.
Excerpt from the official synopsis:
The United States of Hoodoo is a road trip to the sources of black popular culture in America. The film’s main character is African-American writer Darius James who is known for his often bitingly satirical and self-ironic texts on music, film and literature. The film’s story begins when Darius´ world is turned inside out after his father´s death.
Uprooted from his life in Berlin, he unwillingly returns to his childhood home. All that remains from his father is his mask collection and a cardboard box filled with ashes. His father had been a painter and sculptor, his work drawing deeply on manifestations of African-based spirituality.Yet while he lived he fiercely rejected any idea of being inspired by the old gods of Africa.
Back in a house that is now his, but not quite, Darius finds himself confronted with many questions about his own life. In need of answers he sets off on a search, not for his roots but for traces of the spiritual energy that fueled and informed a whole culture.
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Saul Williams - DNA / Coded Language ◥◥◥◥


▲▲Full Crate & Mar @ The Montserrat House June 15th

Producer Full Crate and singer Mar are two rising young musicians from Amsterdam. Both were immersed in music from a young age; Full Crate studied piano and Mar was surrounded by two musically inclined parents. Full Crate & Mar have been friends since high school, sharing the same passion for music.  They fuse soul, electronic,  and hip-hop with a sound design that pleasantly represents the current sound of soul music today.  Today they are both part of the rising Amsterdam hip-hop / beatmaker scene. Mar's skillfully soulful voice strikes a cord with his listeners, and pushes the boundary of soul music.  

For the last couple of years Full Crate has been composing and producing music for different projects, vocalists and mc’s and dj-ing at the best spots around the world. Full Crate music is versatile and expansive; his works go from cooled down soul music to up-tempo electronic beats.
Full Crate is on the forefront of Dutch progressive electronic music. Full Crate has been acknowledged by the Red Bull Music Academy for his talents and invited him to come together with like minded people for two weeks worth of recording sessions, lectures by musical luminaries, and unforgettable late night jams (only 60 artists worldwide has received this invitation).
Since the buzz, which started in 2009 with his independent free release of “She was Fly” featuring Mar, which later became part of their debut ep entitled “Conversations With Her”, they have workedand performed with artists such as Eric Roberson, Erykah Badu, Mark Pritchard, Electric WireHustle, Seiji, The Park, Daru Jones and Jesse Boykins III to name a few and made remixes forChris Turner, Athony Valadez and Steve Reich.Both having a recent solo EP to their name, Crate's "Golden Glasses" and Mar's "Seeing Her Naked", they are currently working on their full length album which will release later this year.