Monday, September 29, 2008

How to Wake Up Early: Do Not Eat Before Going to Bed

Eating too much before bedtime is not healthy. Have a light snack 2 hours before sleep time at the latest. This advice has a simple explanation. Your organism stays awake digesting the food, so even if you fall asleep part of your body is not sleeping and overall you still have less effective sleep which is not restful. You will need more sleep which in turn will not let you wake up easily.

Same applies to drinking lots of water or any other beverages - you will feel discomfort and will have to get up to urinate during the night. If you feel thirsty put a glass of water near the bed and take a little sip from it from time to time before you fall asleep or when you wake up during the night.

Please note that going to bed hungry or thirsty is not good either and can be just as disruptive to sleep as going to bed too full. Having a very light snack or smoothie or green juice will do.

The common belief is that when the body sleeps and is less active, all of its processes slow down. So if you have food in you, the calories will not be burned off...they will instead be stored as fat. However, this all depends on what you eat and when. If you eat three hours before, you will have digested most of it by the time you go to bed, so it wouldn't be much of a bother by that time. Keep in mind that no matter what time of day it is, no matter how active you are, almost anything that is not burned off is stored as fat.

Keep in mind that different people will have different answers for this...and many different theories are correct. Just remember that it all depends on what you eat, how much you eat during the day, and what kind of health you are currently in. Honoring your body and watching what you eat always comes first. Be well!

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