Saturday, November 22, 2008

From Us 2 U...A Mantra of Sorts

Please take time to check in with yourself and make sure that you are fulfilling all of the things that you truly need. It may be just about changing your scenery, exercising more, taking long walks, baths, etc. Whatever it may be for you, be honest with it, and nature will do the rest. Nature truly works in that way, you just put a seed in the ground and you come out and a day or two later, its already sprouting. You give a little, and she will do the rest. We are in a time of transition, not just in our lives but in the world, the universe. Its important to check in and open the way for all of the new that is here and still on the way... Continue to honor yourselves, it makes it possible for us to continue to spread colors throughout the world. Create, Love, Laugh, Live and Be Well......

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