Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009: What does it really signify?

First and foremost, we would like to give thanks to all the folks who checked in with us throughout this year. All of your comments were appreciated and it truly inspires us to continue spreading the word about all things that are of importance, and just good to experience and know. We don't consider ourselves taste makers or anything, I like to say that we just have good taste in things and like to tell as many people about them as we can, if that makes any sense. I always looked at numbers and saw them as a different language, I have always been fascinated by what each number signifies, and throughout the years, have become somewhat of a novice in numerology. So for example the year 2009, if you add the #'s which would be 2+9, that will give you 11. Then you add 1+1 and that gives you 2. 2009 is a number 2 year in numerology. With every new year, there is a new cycle, a new tone of energy that creates a shift in the universe. It sets a certain vibration for the rest of the year in relation to what our work in life will be during that particular time. The focus of this year is on relationships, sensitivity, and cooperation. So for 2009, we can think about healing old relationships and establishing new ones. Expressing love and compassion for ourselves and others. Truly cultivating and nurturing the presence that we all want to have in the world, on every level. And mastering our dreams and ideas, making them tangible. This year is also about effectively working with others. Its not necessarily about receiving acknowledgement or praise, its about mastering the heart's passion and contributing to something that you truly want to see out in the world. The general tone of 2009 is mastering the actions of pure love and sincere humility. They are both necessary in reaching our heights. We send you divine prayers of abundance, love, light, and magic for this new year. Bless...Stay Tuned... Party Safe....Peace...

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