Thursday, March 26, 2009


One thing that baffles me about society within the last 4 years is the fact that most people forget about things they were warned about 10 years beforehand. Things like tap water is contaminated, eating at McDonalds is harmful to your health, or cell phones have high radiation levels. So let us refresh your memory.

According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), specific absorption rate, or SAR, is "a way of measuring the quantity of radio frequency (RF) energy that is absorbed by the body." For a phone to pass FCC certification, that phone's maximum SAR level must be less than 1.6 watts per kilogram. In Europe, the level is capped at 2W/kg while Canada allows a maximum of 1.6W/kg.Also, it's possible for results to vary between different editions of the same phone (such as a handset that's offered by multiple carriers).

While research abounds and some tests have shown that cell phone radio frequency (RF) could accelerate cancer in laboratory animals, the studies have not been replicated. Cell phones can affect internal pacemakers, but there is not conclusive or demonstrated evidence that they cause adverse health affects in humans. Conversely, there is not conclusive or demonstrated evidence that they don't cause adverse health affects in humans. So, in short, the jury is still out, research is ongoing, and we will continue to monitor its results.

So what is radiation? In short Radiation is the emission (sending out) of energy from any source. The light that comes from the sun is a source of radiation, as is the heat that is constantly coming off our bodies. When talking about radiation, however, most people think of specific kinds of radiation such as that produced by radioactive materials or nuclear reactions. Most forms of radiation have been linked to cancer. Skin reactions were observed in many people working with early x-ray generators, and by 1902 the first radiation-caused cancer was reported in a skin sore. Within a few years, a large number of such skin cancers had been observed. The first report of leukemia (a cancer of the bone marrow) in radiation workers appeared in 1911. Marie Curie, the discoverer of radium, and her daughter are believed to have died of radiation-caused leukemia. Since that time, many studies have confirmed the cancer-causing effects of some types of radiation.

FCC is monitored my "higher ups" when warnings are advertised and people decrease there buying needs. This means that when there is a widespread panic, when the "gov" realizes there will be a potential decline in sales or loss in "there" ability to monitor you, they regulate the amount of information you receive. The FCC Web site currently does not provide information on models certified before 1998. But doing a little more of my own research, I found out that cell phone purchases increased from 4.5mil in sales to 20.8mil in sales since 1998. This means people by more cell phones right? Rates got cheaper and usage increased. It's funny, the same thing happened with food. The food gets contaminated...people stop eating as much junk(for a minute)...value meals and prices are more prevalent...and you end up eating more junk in the long run. They have you figured out kids. So who's really listening?

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