Thursday, April 30, 2009

Celebration of the Life and Works of Ernie Barnes 1938-2009 FLY HIGH

On this day we want to pay homage to the life and works of Ernie Barnes.  A former professional football player, throughout his career he played for The San Diego Chargers and The Denver Broncos.  In 1965, NY Jets owner Sonny Werbin began to recognize his artistic talent and replaced his football salary for one season so that he could devote his time to perfecting his craft.  Ernie Barnes is best known for his unique figurative style of painting and how he was able to capture the powerful energy of people in their everyday, through music and movement.  Even if you are not familiar with him per say, you have seen his work.  Most of us have seen at least one episode of "Good Times" and his mural work can be seen in the opening and closing credits.  Its one of his most recognizable pieces to date, entitled "Sugar Shack".  He also was commissioned to do the artwork for Marvin Gaye's album "I Want You".  Hailed as the father of Neo-Mannerist style, he is regarded as on of the country's foremost figurative painters.  His work is graceful, intense, fluid, and welcoming.  I remember seeing his work growing up and the feelings that they evoked.  It just looked and felt like a space in time that you wanted to be a part of.  We give so much thanks for his contribution and the colors that he painted in the world.  Its so dope when you can bear witness to a prophecy fulfilled, that's what its all about, for all of us.  Blessings of light and appreciation to his family.  Look him up...Be well...Bless...

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