Saturday, April 4, 2009

Audiowood: The Greenest Turntables in the World

I get it for aesthetic purposes. I love to see conventional things refreshed through other mediums (blah.. blah.. blah). Call me old-fashioned but, I love TECHNICS.....They are at least a conversation on where the green revolution has gotten us, a bit extra but, whose counting. (Where are we at with our carbon emissions again, because that's real. ) Oh, and since we are on the subject, can they make a more attractive car than the Prius? And why hasn't there been a commercial paying homage to the old school Benz 280, they run on bio-diesel just fine, and get no love in the streets, and they're pretty classy..If the turntables were solar-powered, now that would be some black science magic for real.. In the meantime take a trip to Northern Cali and visit the Redwoods. (Those are the real tree giants. Unrefined and Unplugged) LOL...Enjoy...Bless

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