Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shoe Digs: See Grape and Red do Match (a Kartell and Normalusia Collab)

Italian Furniture manufacturer Kartell and the Normaluisa line have come together to create the "Glue Cinderella" ballerina flat gellie.  No offense but, sometimes simpler is better.  I would have just called it the "grape or red "gellie, but, that's just me. I hear that very few are being made and it wasn't clear when or where they would be available. I never get why it is that designers get together to do collaborations and go through the trouble of trying to create a buzz for something, that is only going to be tangible for 20 or more people.  I get the whole" supply and demand" thing and trying to be exclusive but, its also about putting it out into the world as well.  I say all this to say that, its a cute shoe....I look forward to seeing other works from both folks...Bless and Be Well....Peace

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