Friday, May 22, 2009

Oldest Thing on Earth>>>

The oldest living thing on eArth is not a Giant Redwood tree thats the largest living thing on the plAnet, but a Bristlecone Pine tree located in the White Mountains of California dated to be aged over 4,700 years old.We're talking about a single plant here; one that reproduces externally - flowers, seeds. There are a few candidates including a creosote bush in the Mojave Desert, placed by some at 11,000 years old. However, most scientists agree on the Bristlecone Pine. Genus: Pinus, Species: longaeva.

How old? Dr. Edmund Schulman dated an individual tree in the White Mountains in California at over 4,700 years. This tree is nicknamed Methuselah, and it's location is kept secret to protect it.

Amazingly, this long living species, seems to thrive in the some of the harshest conditions. They are found in several US mountain ranges, typically at the 11,000 foot level. That is some very windy, very cold territory!

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