Friday, May 1, 2009

WHY is Water Wet?

Water is wet because the wetter, the better. In other words, "Viscosity." This is not to be confused with the city of the Visigoths who ended up ransacking the countryside and pillaging the poor villagers, and yes, the Village People, too.

Why is water wet? Water is wet so that the fish and other ocean, lake and river creatures can move through it with fluent ease. Friction is not your friend when you are trying to move. We need to be able to drink. We need for boats not to sink. We need for our plumbing to work. This is why water is wet.

But, really, why is water wet? Water is wet because our sensations say it is so. We feel wetness. We get out of a pool and we are dripping, uh, you know. We take a shower and we're, um, you know again.

The question of why is water wet cannot be answered with regular science methodology, but can be answered in Zen Physics. Water is wet because this is the nature of water. The nature of rock is to be hard. The nature of grass is to be green. The nature of water is to be wet. To take away from its true nature is to destroy what is and thus water is not water anymore. It may be ice, but it surely is not water. Water begets wetness. Wetness begets slipperiness. Slipperiness begets falling. Falling begets a long and painful hospital stay.

Believe it or not but water is a bit sticky. All fluids have what we call surface tension, a tendency to stick to things even itself. You have probably notice how little objects can be stuck to the surface of water and not sink. Certain insects walk on water using this phenomanon. So when you get water on yourself it kind of sticks to you. You can't shake it off, you have it wipe it away or evaporate it. The reason it feels as it feels when water touches the skin is actually a complex electro-chemical reaction which works at amazing speeds. The sensory inputs are a combination of:

1. Your body's pH at that moment
2. The water's pH
3. Your body's temperature at that moment
4. The water's temperature
5. The atmospheric pressure
6. Molecular polarity

You happy Chris?


Professor TATE said...

Why did Judas rap to Roman's while Jesus slept?

christopher blackmon said...

Very happy. Thank you! You need to substitute on occasion in someones school system, and when I open my school you will be one our guest speakers.