Thursday, June 25, 2009


OK, You have been in the office long enough. You don't exercise enough and you eat terribly. You aren't like most people and you want to switch it up right?

Trying to incorporate a regular fitness routine while balancing work and home life is a challenge many face. But with constant reminders on staying healthy, and an ever growing American waistline, making exercise part of our daily lives is essential.

Who doesn't love the being in the water on a 90 degree day? Kayaking involves strength training, flexibility and aerobic workouts. The high number of repetition works your abs, arms, shoulders, back and chest. In addition to the physical workout you'll get, being outdoors and taking in nature, even for a short period of time, helps the mind and body relax and unwind. I am not a rapper :)Athletes, people looking to get into shape, and those who enjoy the outdoors are perfect candidates for canoeing and kayaking. Plus, its a great thing to do with your loved ones. I have had some of the best conversation of my life in the water. Sounds embryonic right. Even mi madre knows.

How to Get Started:

Many shops offer 'demo days' to try out equipment and get information on lessons. "I strongly recommend lessons". Lessons can range from introductory to advanced as well as competitive and race training. At schools such as Lake Mead's students learn the basics like how to enter and exit a kayak, how to properly hold a paddle and how to master a variety of different strokes.

Where to Go in Your Area:

American Canoe Association

American Whitewater

Be well>>>>>Have fun!!

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