Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Open Canvas June 25th>>..>>..

Pondering the intricacies of painting and the people who create, "Open
Canvas" is DC's first consistent live freestyle art show. Every month,
local painters freestyle paint images to canvas live in front of
hundreds of people. Nothing is planned, every piece is improvised. For
the exhibit, rather than framing the images, the artists mount them on
isles, encouraging viewers to get close to experience the work. There
is also an opportunity for the crowd to play an active role in creating
a piece live as well. While artists paint, Djs blends and
eclectic mix of rare grooves. Rather than a conventional set with
ipods, cd's or a play list, DJs fuses everything from Bjork to
Backyard Band in a sultry mix . Big up yourself if you have ever been...You matter.

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