Monday, July 27, 2009

Jay Electronica: Appetizer: Dear: MoleSkine

Bless Bless Bless...Hope everyone's weekend was filled with a lot of newness and magic...Stumbled across this vid today. I have always appreciated what Jay Electronica has had to offer lyrically but, this little snippet reminds me of the stillness and the quiet that must exist in order to make light noise. Oh, and the noise, such a pleasure. This is just a prelude to the actual video, its a part of a documentary that he is a part of, no release date yet. Please check him out, he will be on "The Estatic" tour with Mos Def beginning next week, check your local listings for the whens and wheres. It was shot in Nepal, one of those places high up on my list, you got to respect that, can't wait 4 real..Bless..Enjoy....

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