Thursday, July 2, 2009

Record Time

Record Time - 24 Clocks | 24 Artists [Melbourne]
24 renowned Typographers, designers and artists come together as a tribute to the vinyl record.
With the increasing consumption of digital music, disused vinyl records now gather dust the world over, many of which lie in scratched piles at book exchanges, permanently abandoned. Relics of bygone eras, old records were emblazoned with beautiful typography and logos unique to a moment in time and genre specific.

The first pics on the top is my preferred one! It’ s the lasered time piece by artist Dan Funderburgh, this product is a limited edition of 24

Dan Funderburgh is a wallpaper designer and artist in Brooklyn, NY. His patterns, prints and installations are varied in content but all demonstrate an unabashed love for decorative arts. With influences ranging from Moorish mosaic to American op art, the work is a repudiation of the fabricated schism between art and decoration. Some of Dan’s work can be found in the collections of the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum and the Miami Museum of Modern Art.


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