Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rotterdam Fixed Gear

Peace to my new friends in Rotterdam. Nice to know you guys were in the states. See you in a few weeks. Check out there vid.

Rotterdam Fixed Gear from Blocter on Vimeo.

Rotterdam Fixed Gear started as a platform to create a comunity. Most blogs create a comunity. But this time it's different. Stay Gold, the main man behind the blog, was riding a fixed gear bike and saw others riding around town. But nobody knew eachother. So to get the folks on fixies riding together he created the blog. Which became on of Hollands leading fixed gear blogs. Now the crew is about 20/30 man strong an meet up weekly. Friday Night Rides, trips around the country and race alley cats
Beside the blog he just started a shop where he sells all your needs for a fixed gear bike.

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