Monday, July 20, 2009


I discovered these seeds for myself a few years ago and eat some every day. You can buy them from BLUE NILE in Washington DC or any Whole Foods Market. I’ve experienced greater health, strength, and vitality. I love chia seeds because they love me! After enjoying such positive effects, I began investigating chia in order to learn more about its amazing healing powers.

Preparing the seeds video(disregard the weight loss mumbo jumbo because it's not about loosing weight. Just watch how they are soaked):

Here are just a few of the many astounding benefits of chia seeds:

• Super-Energizing Power...For Greater Endurance and “Go Power”! Due to its unique blend of Protein, Essential Fats, Fiber, Complex Carbohydrates, and Antioxidants, chia is unrivalled among seeds and grains for providing energy to your body.

• Improves Cardiovascular Health...super high levels of heart-healthy EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids)...chia’s oil contains the highest-known percentage of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid, a whopping 62%–64%!

• Stabilizes Blood Sugar...Reduces blood sugar swings...and supports conditions of hypoglycemia and diabetes.

• Reduces Cravings for Sweets and Junk Foods—high soluble fiber content releases natural, unrefined carbohydrate energy slowly into the bloodstream.

• Improves Mental Focus and Concentration. Chia’s balanced essential fatty acids can signficantly boost your brain power...and brighten your mood.

• High-Quality Protein—Chia contains 20% or more protein...a higher percentage protein than found in other grains, such as wheat, corn, rice, or oats.

• Builds Lean Muscle Mass...Plus it’s useful for weight loss and weight maintenance. Chia is suitable for all lifestyles and dietary regimens, including low-carb diets and vegetarian diets.

• Gluten-Free. Unlike grain-source proteins, chia seed protein contains no gluten. You can eat chia without worrying about gluten if you are sensitive to it…or about developing gluten sensitivity. Chia is an ideal food for individuals with gluten sensitivity, carbohydrate intolerance, hypoglycemia, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, or anyone who wants to avoid common gluten-containing grains like corn, barley, and wheat.

• An Ideal Food for nearly everyone, including individuals with food allergies, food sensitivities, or food and chemical hypersensitivity. One study found no evidence of allergic response to chia, even in individuals with peanut and tree nut allergies.

• Super-Hydration and Electrolyte Balance. Chia’s soluble fiber (hydrophilic colloids) massively retains water...keeps you well-hydrated and maintains your electrolyte balance.

• Supports Healthy Elimination and Detoxification—healthy oils and fiber contribute to greater regularity and comfort...beneficial effects not to be underestimated!

• Uniquely Balanced. Chia offers an amazingly balanced ratios of macronutrients...better balanced than most grains, seeds, and many other foods.

• Much, Much More! Guaranteed!

In fact, chia is most nutritious seed available anywhere, and among the best health-building superfoods or nutritional supplements around...both because of all its incredible benefits, and because it promotes health in everyone who takes it!

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PJ said...

i'm going to make some chia seed smoothies and i'll let you know how i feel! THANK YOU!!