Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunshine Burgers>>>

Peace! We have been eating these for years but just wanted to share these with those that don't know. Not all veggie burgers are created equal. One of my favorite brands is Sunshine Burgers. Appropriately enough, these veggie burgers are made out of a sunflower seed base, with the addition of brown rice. They’re free of soy, wheat, gluten, and dairy (in fact, they’re vegan), so they can be especially useful if you have certain food sensitivities. And they’re available in half a dozen varieties, from Original to Barbecue (how appropriate!) to the new Falafel. My favorite is the Garden Herb flavor. Mainly because its green.

But it gets better: all Sunshine Burgers (except the Original) are certified organic. And if you’re wondering what kind of effort is involved in preparing them, rest assured it’s minimal. The burgers are fully-cooked, oven-browned for a more attractive appearance, and then frozen; you need only heat and serve. My favorite variety is the Garden Herb, but then again I haven’t tasted the newcomer Breakfast Patty yet. And don’t think for a minute that you have to restrict use of these to a barbecue grill. I enjoy Sunshine Burgers year-round; I heat them on a nonstick griddle and use them as part of the filling (along with more veggies and condiments) for a whole wheat wrap.

Many of the brands that are readily available like, "Morning Star", have tons of additives and calories leading to excess fat absorption and calorie intake. Basically empty calories. I am not endorsing just here to push you to better choices of wellness. Stay Up!

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