Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who Owns Your Favorite Organic Brand?

What do Coca-Cola, Kellogg and Dean Foods have in common, besides being marketers of some of the most popular food items found on grocery shelves? They all own organic brands. And they are not alone. Most of the top 25 food producers own one or more organic brands and are rapidly developing their own.Should we be concerned about the industrialization of organic foods or should we applaud the fact that our food supply is becoming healthier?

Odwalla (Coca Cola)

Naked Juice (Pepsi)

Morningstar and Kashi ( Kellogg)

Horizon (Dean Foods)

Boca Foods ( Kraft)

Earth’s Best (Heinz)

Cascadian Farms (General Mills)

Naked Juice (Pepsi)

The biggest piece of advice I can can suggest is supporting your local Co-op. Deal with local farmers markets and make your own fresh juice at home in consideration to the fact that most product travel 1500 miles to your local Whole Foods Market, Giant and Safeway. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. I always here folks says things like "I don't have the time" or "I don't want to pay all that money". Real the labels, Real the labels, Real the labels,Real the labels. I am not saying its a bad thing that these companies own a large portion of the organic market, just trying to advice you to make better decisions based on there reputations in our food. You make the call.

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