Monday, August 10, 2009


Though the hype over bottled water has chilled out in recent years, there are some brands that are still worth talking about. Antipodes is undoubtedly at the top of this short list. This Kiwi born and bred bottled water company prides itself on purity and simplicity, from its New Zealand-based source to its minimalist labels. And even if you can’t tell the difference in taste between one bottled water and the next, the design and concept behind Antipodes clearly stands out on the shelf — or table, as it were.

Offered exclusively in restaurants, Antipodes short, stout look was designed to cleanly reflect the purity of that which flowed insides. And since this plump bottle is most often gracing the tables of local hotspots, buyers can scour the companies website for exceptional restaurants and bars around the world where Antipodes is served. Who ever said bottled water was passé?


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