Thursday, August 6, 2009

Breakwater by Artectura and Eduardo Zamarro

Architect: Artectura
Painter: Eduardo Zamarro
Photographer: Santos-Díez / ClicarQ

Breakwater by Artectura and Eduardo Zamarro // A Guarda-Galicia, Spain
text by Marcia Argyriades

A Guarda is located at the south western tip of Galicia with the Mino River separating it from its historic “enemy” Portugal. A Guarda’s economy was foundered on fishing and although today it enjoys a more varied economy the town’s fishing heritage still remains important and so does their port!

Madrid based architectural office Artectura and Eduardo Zamarro, painter were assigned to give a new look to the A Guarda port! The aim of the project was to make the port a significant place for a stroll at the waterfront, for sightseeing, for sweet winter, summer, and all year round memories by the sea! Another aim was for the waterfront to be seen from Galicia village.

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