Monday, August 17, 2009

Camille Yarbrough - The Iron Pot Cooker

A great record by poet/singer Camille Yarbrough that mixes funk, jazz and soul. Camille sings, reads poerty, rhymes and talks. She's backed up by a group of five musicians; James Benjamin on bass, Cornell Dupree on guitar, Leopold Fleming on congas and percussion, Jimmy Johnson on drums and percussion and Linda Twine on Clavinet. Released on Vanguard in 1975.
1. But It Comes Out Mad
2. Dream - Panic - Sonny Boy The Rip-Off Man
3. Ain't It A Lonely Feeling
4. Take Yo' Praise
5. Can I Get A Witness
6. All Hid
But It Comes Out Mad...

Little Sally The Super Sex Star

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