Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DJ Underdog X Lunch Box Theory - Africa Plays On Pt. 3

In spirit of Lunch Box Theorys End of Summer Afrobeat party, DJ Underdog humbly and aggressively fuses of Nigerian, Cubanismo, Juju, Fete, Latin Jazz and many other genres of music together, to form his third mixtape, "Africa Plays On 3". Underdog stresses the importance of records in every production. You can even hear the crackle at points. Even though records are hard to come by, DJ Underdog makes it a point to use strictly records on every mixtape and during live sets. Certainly there is a wealth of rhythms, drums, congas, bongos – but the mark of African music is not just fire but smoke. Guitars, voices and drums echo tones and pulse so as to become indistinguishable; rather than sweltering abandon, a controlled, spacious intensity defines these grooves. Special drops from Questlove and DJ Rich Medina accompany this mix.

As is usually the case with African rhythms, the keening, reverberant mix of oddly tuned instruments gives Africa Plays On 3 an affecting charm. Through it all, DJ Underdogs mixes waft gently and purposefully, never allowing the kettle to boil over, all the while connecting modern Africa to its ancient tribal roots. Africa Plays On 3 is like some hazy, distant dream of communal ritual and peace. See you at the party"

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Track Listing:

1-Cristy Azuma Intro
2-Son Fela- Don't Bring Bullshit To Africa
3-Egypt 80 Drummer- Asiko
4-Brasil Virtuoso-Bobeira
5-Osunlade-Mama's Groove
6-Shawn Lee-Lagos Calling
7-Wunmi- Nigeria MAW
8-The Roots- Men at Work
9-Cristy Azuma- Naam
10-Abdoulaye Diabete-Djoro
11-Lokonon Andre & Les Volcans- Mi Kple Dogbekpo
12-Ofori- African Retention
13-Africa Outro

DOWNLOAD HERE here and HeRe!!!

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research said...

I just found your Africa Plays On mixtape. I would love to get pt. 3 but the link doesn't work.