Thursday, August 13, 2009

Liquid Chlorophyll>>>

Chlorophyll, the green “blood” of plant life is made by plants through a chemical process called photosynthesis. And amazingly, it essentially has the same effects in the body as iron, so it builds our own blood naturally. Catabolic and anabolic at the same time, liquid chlorophyll is a powerful detoxifier and tonic. It cleanses the blood and builds red blood cells while doing it.

Because liquid chlorophyll’s composition contains calcium, it is highly useful for people as well as animals with arthritis, bone diseases, and hip dysplasia. Chlorophyll heals chronic conditions both internally and externally, and stops the growth and development of toxic bacteria. Chlorophyll removes toxins from the bones, blood tissues, and intestines. And because chlorophyll helps to thicken and strengthen the walls of the cells, it is also a nutritional aid for the immune system.

Professor Chungpin Hovering Liao of National Formosa University in Taiwan has created the world’s first chlorophyll organic battery. So what does that say about the punch that chlorophyll packs? It doesn’t take much time to start juicing the battery, either. Within 10 seconds of being doused with liquid, the battery starts providing power.

Liquid chlorophyll counteracts toxins, the result is that the body heal faster. It also works in purifying the liver, eliminates old toxic material, and deodorizes the bowels and the entire body. In the colon, liquid chlorophyll helps keep the colon healthy by destroying disease causing bacteria. It works well in eliminating body odors, abscesses, and other skin sores in people as well as animals. In fact it’s a great help for any digestive problems, constipation, or diarrhea.
Indeed, liquid chlorophyll is non-toxic, safe and soothing to body tissues, so it’s considered very safe for people of all ages. It is actually a whole food, instead of medication. Liquid chlorophyll is available in herbal shops like GLUT Food Co-op, and TPSS in the Washington D.C. area. Eating lots of deep green vegetables is the perfect way to get this great wonder tonic into your system. Always>>>Be well

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