Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top Five Record Envelope Sleeves>>

This weeks top five come few and far between. If you buy wax, you recognize that beyond the value of a record itself is the value of a well preserved sleeve and cover. Take a look.

Rocksteady Revolution
Late 60s / Early 70s

great logo...


Back and front of Beanos records shop sleeve. Once one the largest second hand record shop in the Europe, finally closed in 2008 after 30 years trading.

a fabulous op/pop art influenced single sleeve from Poland, Muza, Polskie Nagrania.


Thanks to Rob at soul4every1 for the huge parcel of vintage 45 record company sleeves that arrived last week. A nice surprise! Here is the first of many. Buddah records.

Pepsi Cola

Now this really is a record envelope! Thanks to Henrik who plays records at the tiki bar in Stockholm on a saturday night for this fantastic cardboard sleeve.

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