Sunday, September 20, 2009

The BEST headache home remedies? Do-it-yourself relief!

If you want relief from your migraine, headache from migraine, or other headache, experiment. Try combinations. Remember, nothing works for everyone - you're an individual! :) Let's get started to soothe your headache pain...

Headache home remedy #1 - Aromatherapy
This is one of the most powerful of the headache home remedies. It's somewhat different for everyone, because everyone associates different types of smells with different things. However, there are some aromas that stand out from the crowd as headache killers: peppermint, sandlewood (my favourite), lavender, and eucalyptus. Try each of these, and combinations. Use essential oils for massage, or use candles or soaps.

Be careful – many companies sell products with these names now that are cheap and may only make your headache worse. Start with quality items, which means the purest essential oils you can find.

Try this – make a compress by putting 5 drops of lavender essential oil in cold (or warm) water. Swish around a soft cloth, then put it on your head or neck. (Incidentally, this is a recipe from the excellent Aromatherapy For Dummies® by Kathi Kaville. She gives great unbiased advice when it comes to what to buy and who to trust).

Headache home remedy #2: Exercise

We all know that regular exercise helps us cope with pain. It's especially effective for people with migraine. Some even find that mild exercise during a migraine helps alleviate the pain. Remember, though – ease into it! Sudden changes can make your migraine worse, and that isn't what we're going for here! :-)

Try: 1/2 hour walk a day, or a brisk walk outdoors when you get a headache.

Exercise can also help release the body's natural painkillers, endorphins.

Headache home remedy #3: Massage
Now that you've got your essential oils, this is another great thing to do with them! Not only does massage stimulate and relax, touch itself is one of the greatest healers.

Try this: with or without peppermint, eucalyptus or lavender oil: Have someone kneed across your shoulders and the back of the neck. Next, have them press on the base of your skull with their fingers, and slowly release.

This you can even do yourself: rotate your fingers over your scalp. Put pressure on the webbed part of your hand between your finger and thumb (really). Also great for migraine, believe it or not, is foot massage. Massage is a skill that may change your life.

Headache home remedy #4: Heat and cold

For some people with headache it's one, with some it's another. Experiment, but avoid extremes, which can make things worse! Try a cold pack wrapped in a couple layers of towel on your neck. One of my favourites is putting your hands in hot water, which seems to pull the pressure out of your head. It's also a good excuse to do the dishes before your headache gets much worse! :-)

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