Thursday, September 3, 2009

Martin Perna - Afro-Nicaraguan Music from Bluefields

Martin Perna, founder of the legendary Antibalas, now resides in Nicaragua, and when visiting us this summer in Paris, promised he'd find a way to send a selection of some Afro-Nicaraguan grooves to rock our earplugs. Less than a month my mailbox goes ding dong and soon I'm downloading music with the enthousiasm of a kid opening a christmas present. The package definitively delivers and we'll all be jumping and rocking to the pulse of Afro-Nicaraguan music from Bluefields, Nicaragua! It's music you won't hear on the radio coming from the heart of Central America, but not music you won't find on the internet... thanks to Paris DJs growing family of musicians, producers and DJs from all over the globe!! Martin Perna recently released a fantastic third album from his Afro-Latin project Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada (on the Eighteen Street Lounge label) and should be touring in Europe early 2010...

Listen HERE

Tracklisting :
01. Sabu El Cat Man - Monkey Point Girls
02. Sabu El Cat Man - Live Your Life
(from 'Live Your Life' album, 1981, reissued thru Earthcds Partners)
03. Mango Ghost - Fyah in Bluefields
04. Rondon Orchestra - Lion Pon It
05. Rondon Orchestra feat. Sabu El Cat Man - Tulululu
06. Rondon Orchestra feat Kila B - Zion-O
07. Mad Angels vs. Evan Rhodes - Bluefields Gyals

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