Sunday, October 11, 2009

Damu The Fudgemunk @ BBQ House Party, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Stop collecting and start doing. Any body can buy records. Any one can say this and that and this and that. But if you don't mentally verbalize execute and analyze, your just a consumer. And that's ok too. We are all music lovers. But to the people put there that claim they produce or dj...please stop lying to yourself. Its old. "Yo, I got the new....or...Hay have you heard...or...Can I come over your house and work with you....or...come through my house and...." You get my drift. Who are these people? At some point you have to learn, know and produce through your role. Create and stop being a tag along name dropping. Know your role. Go inside and stop talking. Bless

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BenjiB said...

What record was that in the beginning??? Big respec