Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mushroom Off>>>Pranic Energy?

Organic Mushroom vs. Commercially Grown Mushrooms....What a shame....You can clearly see the energy fields and understand how much power RAW foods have as opposed to the latter.

There has been some debate about where our physical health and well-being comes from. Some maintain Divine, cosmic energy is the real source of our sustenance and to place importance on the nature of the foods we consume is to buy into yet another illusion of the denser realities. To me, this argument reduces the source of health to a black-and-white issue when in fact it is a luminous rainbow inclusive of all variations.

The body derives its nourishment from pranic energy, but when the body is dirty, it's hard for it to use pranic energy. When people eat cooked food and put things into their bodies that don't belong there, this toxic build up keeps the third eye shut. As people start to eat cleaner, more healthful foods, the third eye starts to open and we are able to see the signs that passed us by when the third eye was closed. All of us have this eye. We just have to open it to see the unseen. There are signs everywhere once this eye is open.

"When we eat in a healthy, harmonious way, our ability to attune and commune with the Divine is enhanced."

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