Sunday, November 29, 2009

Damu the Fudgemunk Performs “Prosper” Live>>>

Damu The Fudgemunk performs “Prosper” for a Brooklyn BBQ crowd using an Akai MPC2000.

Check out Damu’s Kilawatt V1 EP, which includes the vocal version of “Prosper” featuring Raw Poetic of Panacea. Grab the vinyl or download a copy.


WendyDay said...

The brother is ill. Stay consistent man. Don't be afraid of the naysayers.

CEERayz! said...

THIS IS EASILY MY FAV TRACK on this album!!!

YungSoul said...

is that for vinyl tho, or the cd?

SoAmazing said...

WE Need this In STORES IN CHICAGO. Checkn distribution links now. BigUp Damu. Keep it up

LWAkira said...

Nice crowd. I love how cameramen just get right on ur d___and take photos. They can be annoying.

TomTheInsomniacMagMan said...

Tru Skool Foreva! Fuck the copy cat ass 9th Wonderless, hint hint, No matter what, I know who the original cats in the DC area are. Claimning DC but live in PG or MD or never really been a part of DC hip hop culture but live and watch and work on the outskirts. Words BEats and Lolifes!!!Lotta brothas gettn is twisted. Black Indian, XO, Face, DJ RBI, Slimcat 78, and the list goes on the the real. Headroc standup! EVEN DJ Spooky! In the words of Jeru:

"Sick and tired of the izm schism
This time's a warning, after this we take it to pugilism
Mash out the beedies, dreads spark up the corn
I flow muddy like the gutter after the rainstorm
My mission to seek, build or destroy
Like Deadwood Dick, I be the Black Cowboy
And this is the showdown..."

MellerupMusic0809 said...

Hi. Will this next project be releasing in London anywhere?

Sedated said...

Lovin the crowd. When was this. I live in NY and didnt c a flyer nowhere but by the looks of it, people knew.

ImanSelecta said...

Nice set.