Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DRIP Maple Syrup>>>

Designed by SUPERFICIAL, Creative Director/Design: Lisa Greenberg, Creative Director/Copy: Trevor Schoenfeld, Photographer: Arash Moallemi | Country: Canada | Fonts used: Caslon

“Of all of Canada’s famous exports, Maple Syrup is the most banal, poorly designed product – typically packaged in tacky plastic log-cabin-shaped or jug-like bottles.

byCommonWealth first sourced the most pure, most concentrated and refined maple syrup and then approached us for a luxury-inspired treatment for the name, packaging, writing and complete branding program.

The design was handled with the same purity of thought and execution as the production of the syrup itself. It’s available in limited batches, and only in exclusive, high-end retail locations. ”

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Anonymous said...

So where, exactly, does one buy this product ?