Thursday, November 5, 2009

Visual Therapy: Incidental video and Accidental aesthetics... for the weeks-end

video program

"We are not humans on a spiritual trip, we are spirits on a human trip" >>>

This is Karma from Erling Hoveid on Vimeo.

THEME: This is a documentary about the philosophy of karma. I am into eastern philosophy which I find to have a lot of truth in it. I wanted to make a film that conveys the idea that we are all basically the same. And I also wanted to make an informative film about what karma really is in case people are interested.

FORM: I wanted to experiment with fusing the documentary genre with the music video genre. I also wanted to make a film that in form reflected indian society in all its colour, chaos and diversity. Indian traditional ideas and beliefs, indian classical music remixed and edited trough western eyes to hopefully suit a western audience.

Erling Hoveid: director, producer, music, photography, co-editor
Geir O. Ramsvik: photography, editor, visual effects
Kristian E. Sjølie: graphic design
Jan Magnus Nymo: sound design, surround and stereo mix



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Loved this post..I dont comment much but I deeply felt the sentiments here.