Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mark Pritchard — Heavy As Stone ::: Tell The People Of Earth To Be Strong>>>

I don't know what inspired the creation of this track. All I know is it is the future of music as we know it. It embodies everything. The time is now for Mark Pritchard. Makes djing a lot easier. The music right now is reminiscent to a past era. Lotta great stuff coming out.

Mark Pritchard — Heavy As Stone::::Download or Listen Below>>>

Mark Pritchard — Heavy As Stone (Dub Plate Records) by DJ Underdog

Theres a beautiful song that is heard...It begins with an African Word!!!


BrodyLA said...

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHERE THERE HELL DID THIS COME FROM......FIRE!!!!!!!!

RoshanaStevens said...

Funky.All or nothing, ENd of the world music

MTVkid said...

flames...something different but flames

moiraia said...

Uh....am I late...sheesh..very good!!! greetings from greece!!

Deek said...

Why cant I download this anymore...I fuggin love this song....Guess u reached ur limit dude. love