Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mountain Refuge Los Canteros by dRN Architects>>>

The site was an existing void in the middle of a slope, bound on two sides by magnificent old containment walls built of stone. These walls defined a level area of approximately 12×10mts, 7.5mts below the level of the road. A few scattered trees seemed significant, as vegetation is hard to find at 2000 mts high in the middle of The Andes Mountains. The intense bright light reflected off the snow, together with the thermal loss through windows and walls are important aspects when building in the mountains.Visit the dRN Architects website – here.


Silhouette Brown said...

What a view. You can even see the moon bombing from there!!!

F-J: M said...

I can feel it right now.
Sitting back in one of those chairs, some mulled wine or a rich cocoa, the light bouncing off the snow, my sweetheart with just a sweater on…..

Freedom said...

loving the last comment....minus the sweathear, lol! yea, that place is deffinately peaceful....just the photos. I can imagine how I would feel actually being there. I need a VACA, lol!