Friday, November 6, 2009

New Look >>>


New Look is married duo Adam Pavao and Sarah Ruba. 80s-infused electro/dance pop slow jams to say the least. Download their EP, How's My Hair, for free at their website or here as a .zip file

MP3 : New Look - Future Times
MP3 : New Look - Function Of Your Love

I can't wait til this album is done. A very very very very good friend of mine said they were recording this album in BERLIN. My second home indeed.

But I am certainly feeling the song above the most... ... ... ... ... ... ...


caveman said...

damn you be well bloggers>>>U r the truth bitches>>>

freez said...

where is the download? your zip didn't open neither do the other 2 songs -- and when i went to New Look site didn't see any downloads -- pls assist