Sunday, November 1, 2009


5 Important Reasons to See this Film

History - As far back as the 15th century until the 18th, slavery was in full effect in Brazil, spearheaded by the Portuguese. More than 3 million Africans were sent to Brazil as slaves.

Rebellion - Many of these enslaved Africans revolted and formed their own communities in the mountains of Palmares, called Quilombos.

Culture - In Palmares, African's were free to be themselves. Loving one another, eating well, praising their deities and defending themselves to never be slaves again, was the way of life.

Music - The talented Gilberto Gil provides us with 17 amazing tracks that will have you grooving and speaking to the ancestors long after you watch the film.

Cinematography - With Lauro Escorel's skill as a Director of Photography, the wonderful colors and style of the people of Palmares is a vibrant sight to see, from their garments to hairstyles to architecture.

Watch this film to feel the unknown...

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