Thursday, November 19, 2009

Visual Therapy 3: Incidental video and Accidental Aesthetics... for the weeks-end

Know Your Role...

Steak Filter: a video signal of a steak is sent through the steak as it cooks. A project by Aka Media System.

Steak Filter v0 - init from AKA MEDIA SYSTEM on Vimeo.

You know now

Space Chair

collect:kenmat:branduponthebrain:Brakhage film stills
Sunflower, Dakota Sioux, by Heyn Photo, ca. 1899 by trialsanderrors.




Bari Behen (1949)
It’s that bad. It’s bad in the worst possible sense, my worst nightmare: a Red Mist movie. It is characterized by that maudlin, useless self-sacrifice which makes even its recipients unhappy: “For the love of God, didi, please don’t sacrifice for me!” “I will I will I will, and you can’t stop me!” “But I don’t want you to, it’s making both of us miserable!” “I don’t care, it’s my duty and my karma!” “But it’s not necessary!” “I am sacrificing because I’m noble, it’s what I do! You can’t stop me!” “But you aren’t helping anything…” “It’s my sacrifice! I’ll cry if I want to!” and on and on and on and on.

DJ Parler - Rakim The Seventh Seal Mixtape: past, present & feature
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