Sunday, December 20, 2009

12 Tips To Survive The "So Called" Flu Season>>>

1) Avoid panicking during the flu season. Stress suppresses your ability to fight infections. You can literally worry yourself sick instead of finding a way to constructively process these very real feelings.

2) Limit your sugar intake. As tempting as it may be, try to avoid reaching for starchy and sugary snacks to soothe negative feelings. Studies indicate that consuming large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar can drastically lower the activity of neutrophils. Neutrophils account for about 50-70% of white blood cells and are the first responders when an infection is detected by the body. The effects of these unhealthy carbohydrates can last for over 5 hours.

3) Get enough sleep. When in the midst of an illness the body often demands more sleep, simply because sleep helps strengthen the body's defenses. The same is true when trying to stay well. The key is to get adequate sleep (usually between 7-9 hours) in a completely dark environment. Darkness is necessary in order for the brain to produce adequate/optimal levels of melatonin, which may be responsible for some of the immune-boosting effects of sleep.

4) Let the Sunshine In. There is a growing body of evidence that vitamin D is imperative for optimal immune function. You can prime your body's immune system by getting regular sun exposure. The key is to spend time in the sun during the morning and evening hours so as not to get sunburn. I recommend 15 minutes or more of "smart sun exposure" several times a week. Consider supplementing with Vitamin D3 (Liqui-D3) so you can be assured a consistent and adequate supply of vitamin D, especially as we head into the winter months!

5) Get powerful protection from food! Fruits & vegetables will give you the best protection when it comes to supporting your immune health. They are rich in anti-oxidants, bioflavonoids, and phytonutrients that will powerfully support your body's health.

6) Immune Protection - natural anti-viral support can be taken daily for prevention. Super Bio-vegetarian has been the most effective product I have found. Take 2 tablets daily, or more if exposed to others who may potentially be sick. Eating berries such as Strawberries, Blueberries and other also offer natural anti viral support.

7) Probiotics are essential not only to your digestive health, but also for your immune system as most of your immune system is in your gut. HMF Forte is recommended daily to maintain normal healthy gut flora. If you choose not to take probiotics, plain yogurt is a great substitute. It contains the probiotics that you need to maintain a healthy gut.

8) Drink plenty of water. Water helps hydrate your body and clean any impurities in your body. This makes your body more able to fight off the flu. If you do catch the flu, in taking plenty of water will help you get better faster. Using water filters like Brita help remove the chlorine taste from the water which makes water consumption easier.

9) Have everyone in your house hold wash their hands with soap and water especially after they sneeze. Washing your hands help kill germs and prevents the flu from spreading. Alcohol based hand cleaners can also be used instead of soap and water.

10) Avoid touching your mouth, nose or any other part of your face. Germs really can not do any damage on your skin. Germs spread once they are inside your body. Germs get inside your body through your mouth typically.

11) Get plenty of exercise. In the winter, our immune systems can weaken if we are less active. Exercise outside if the weather is amicable. Go to the gym and do a moderate workout.

12) Avoid close contact to those who are sick. If you are the one that is sick, stay home and rest. Most people recover from the flu without the need for any medicine at all. Going to work or having sick co-workers come to work threaten to make the whole office sick.

These tips were providing by Carolinas Natural Health Center and Inc.


Adrian said...

Can anyone recommend a good vegan remedy for itchy eyes. Yeshi, Underdog, Freedom, Najma, Polymath, Tarica anyone? Please b4 I self distruct. I am going to Whole Foods in the morning but wanted some advice before I spent my cash. Thanks

Tarica June said...

Peace Adrian,
I'm no doctor, but I can say that I have definitely used eyebright more than once for eye issues. Never specifically for itchy eyes, but for things like sties and general eye discomfort. I usually get it at Whole Foods for $10. They say you can make an eye wash out of it but I've never followed through with that (I started to once, but it turned out a brown color and because of that I didn't feel comfortable washing my eyes with it). I usually just take the herbal capsules with juice. It always works within hours (but I take 4 capsules at a time which is twice the amount recommended on the bottle).

Hope you find relief soon. Peace.

smilinggreenmom said...

Oh I love probiotics! Our family takes Vidazorb chewables and they taste great and I love that I do not have to refrigerate them!

Adrian said...

Tarica Thanks for this quick response. I just dont wanna go into the store without a real life person telling me there thoughts. I will say you all referred me and be like, "theres this website where you can ask people with real life experience call "Be Well". This is so helpful and beyond. Have a great snow day in DC. I live in Texas. Thank you again and again and again.