Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Dangers of Birth Control Pills

Recently, I learned that a friend of a friend, who was 32 years old, died of a stroke associated with multiple blood clots in her brain. This death occurred less than a year after she started taking one of the new birth control pills on the market and she was otherwise healthy before this. Ok, I know that in this day and age it may not be exactly "pc" to recommend that people don't take birth control, but I really don't care (especially when it seems like so many doctors, companies, governmental organizations, and the media are complicit in a massive cover-up). And obviously, I'm not a doctor. That said, how many women under 40 on birth control have to die, have heart attacks, suffer strokes, get unexplained problematic blood clots, or suffer from conditions typically found only in much older people before women stop taking these pills?

Don't take my word for it though, just take a look at all of the new lawsuits or the new lawyer commercials that are popping up everywhere talking about "if you or someone you know has suffered a heart attack, etc. etc. ... or died while on [fill in the blank with name of birth control pill], call our office." Besides throwing women out of sync with the moon and the natural environment generally, and often causing depression (another subject for another time), this doctor-recommended, "FDA-approved" stuff can kill, and it's not a game.

In the words of Common on Retrospect for Life "...use self-control instead of birth control..." (yeah, I know the Common song is not about birth control, but still). That's all I'll say on the subject-- just my opinion -- take it or leave it (and this is not about health, not morality so don’t take it the wrong way).

More info: here and here and here and here AND here AND all over the net. Just do a short search (for product forums especially), and you'll see.

Choose wellness.


The Daily Dose said...

Thanks for the links. That's good info to know. I gave you a superior scribbler award for all of your good posts. Check out my blog to pick it up :)

....cHoke.... said...

boy do i have a story of my own on this sublect... wont go into it but i do know that this SH!t really is no joke and they force it on us in high school (or atleast at the school i was at we all were told "its a good idea") .... after all this time im still trying to repair my system from the many wrongs that it did to me.
thanks tarica !

SugarMapleGirl, Boston said...

Thank you. Simply, thank you