Monday, December 28, 2009

Divine Mathematics::2010:: Happy New You::

Bless...Ones may agree that 2009 was a year of endings, transformations, and challenges. It has been a year of overcoming, resulting in lessons being learned, which in truth makes us masters of our experiences. I am far from a master numerologist, my connection with numbers has always been casual, while simultaneously mystic. Numbers hold and dictate vibration, its an alternate language utilized by the universe to alert us of certain happenings when they are not always available in plain sight. The way it usually works is you have a number like 2009 and you add those numbers. In this case 2+9=11, which in numerology is a master number. One can stop there and just deal with the meaning of the number 11, but the idea is to reduce it again, adding 1+1, which gives you a temporary vibration of 11/2. (temporary, because it is not over a lifetime, just for a period) The key vibrations of 2009 were all about legal dealings, being tested on many levels, inspiration, art, and quick decision making. By way of this modality, ones are able to see how numbers have the power to set a tone and give focus to what a particular period will be about.


The year 2010 holds a vibration of 3, which is about travel, change, rewards, success, and new worlds. So this year will bear relief, in the form of rewards and realizations of a dream. This is a very potent period in which the old order changes, making way for the new. The newly revealed world offers ultimate realization of ones plans, hopes, and wishes; therefore, do not overlook opportunities that arise now. Plans already in progress may come to a successful completion, with accompanying rewards. Plans in the thinking stages should be carried out now, as the potential for success is high in this period. Ones can accomplish all that is desired.

Travel may be a part of this cycle, distant places and foreign interest will lure you. The desires for freedom, self expression, and pleasure urge ones to look to distant places for fulfillment. A change of jobs or residence may result from present thinking. The subconscious is developing at a pace faster than usual during this period, along with a growing sense of security and protection. Many marriages take place under a 21/3. Mental or physical investments made here bear fruit.

Ones who operate from a negative space during this period, must guard against losing emotional control and may see family responsibilities as a burden. Ones may experience delays and restrictions and neglect to grasp offered opportunities, so all situations should be examined carefully. Legal counsel should be employed in business dealings because material loss is possible.

All in all, this vibration is one of reward. Realize the opportunities opening, now is truly the time to cultivate and nourish all future dreams...Be gratuitous in all of your moments, for they make our today...Bless all of your days and all of your ways...Happy New You...Eternal Love...Light...Abundance...and Magic...Peace from us


Pierre said...

Well put. I always wanted to know what me birthday means. Might do some investigating today.
thanks for sharing.

Freedom said...

love the post....a lot of it had truth in reference to this past year. Thanks for the enlightenment:)

Yeshimabet said...

My pleasure...givethanks..

WendyDay said...

insight insight insight!!!

Enola said...

Such a well written and comprehensive vision. If people can read this there would be so much more substance in the world. Respectfully