Thursday, December 17, 2009


Friday DEC. 18th)))))))))

Eat Your Vegetables Holiday Party

Free CD When You Come to the Party and Donate!!!

Also))))News Year Eve @ Bus Boys and Poets((Gonna Be Crazy)))


Berg said...

The Grace Jones take is funny for the flyer. much do you charge for flyers and if I can't make the party, will the mixtape be available for download after the event? The track listing is out of this world. I am dying to hear the Lauryn Hill jam on there and the Mos Def jam. BJORK!!!!!too. stay ez

WAYNA Sings said...

Wait a minute. I sing in DC. This blog is based in DC. Dammmmmmmmmmn! Escuse my french but this is fresh. Its snowing and I c I have a lot of health stuff to cover. Cool