Friday, December 11, 2009

Five Steps for a Simple Spa Day at Home....

Every so often, life greets us with certain challenges and we don't always have the luxury of picking up and going somewhere to relieve ourselves of them. We offer 5 suggestions that will allow you to hit your refresh button without depleting your dough....Delight in all ur days..BlessUP...


Complete relaxation is achieved through ample rest of everything including our digestive tract. Most folks eat from an emotional place. If you are stressed out, the answer isn't to eat foods that will do the same in your system...When we are nervous, sad, or fearful, we tend to gravitate towards foods that will bring us comfort, and this varies from person to person. Try doing the opposite of what you usually do. If you usually crave heavy, starchy, salty, or sweet, during these times, opt for your favorite green juice or smoothie combination. This will assist in improving your wellness overall and give your belly a much needed rest.


Sound vibration has such a profound effect on our spiritual, emotional, and physical space. Fill your home with sounds that you find beautiful, uplifting, and at the same time quiet. I do believe that for every moment in life, there is always a song...Transcendence by Alice Coltrane is a beautiful place to start.

Water (Weha)

Being hydrated is crucial no matter the matter. No healing space would be complete without water therapy. Clean your bathroom w/ good green products, burning a little white sage won't hurt either. Method and Mrs. Meyers products are really nice and are available in most places, they clean really well too (no residue). Burn a white candle for purification and any other colors that you are attracted to. Fill your tub with water (as hot as you can take it) Add too big handfuls of a nice sea salt ( a can of coconut milk is a nice addition as well) , add whatever essential oils you feel you may need at the time. Lavender is always nice and Lemon Verbena is even nicer. Get in the tub and give it all to the water. End your bath with a "Yogi" or cold shower to shock your ego a bit and close your pores.

Get Oiled

Make a nice oil preparation for some after bath love. The ancient science of Ayurveda praises the use of scented oils for balancing the dosha of Vata (wind), which tends to be aggravated in the cooler and drier months of autumn/winter. *If you are using essential oils make sure you balance them out with a nice carrier oil like jojoba, almond, or grape seed. You can add a heavier oil like coconut, avocado, or olive to your mixture for a more luxurious feel.

Pacify your Mind and Body

To be a master in this experience, its all about the sweet surrender. Overstanding this space in time will actually give way to your peace. Any breakdown that we have physical or otherwise, is a direct result of some type of overload, just being filled to the brim with life stuff. This will allow you to make room in your mind and in your body to move through most challenges with ease. Once you are bathed and oiled up, find a quiet place to sit, it can be on a yoga mat, cushion, etc. Now take 15 minutes to focus on clearing the mind. It seems like a simple request but, I found it to be one of challenge when this was first introduced to me. Our minds are constantly moving, even in our rest. The key to this is to just focus on your breath. No matter how many times your mind seems to wander, always bring it back to your breath. Once you are done, make a small offering through your meditation by giving thanks for all the moments that led up to this one. In going forward, ask for all obstacles to be removed from your path. Look forward to being grounded and full of light. Travel Light....Bless....

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there is no question or a shadow of a doubt that this will be my weekend recipe.

DiamondDistrict said...

great message & music!
thank you!
Peace Love Respect

Al said...

At least it should explain to us men why women take so much time in the bathroom!