Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Food For Thought >>>Should you cut skin off fruits and vegetables?
In this growing society of artisans and health conscious individuals, the little things never seem to get overlooked anymore. Take for instance the skin of a fruit; an apple to be precise. Granted, apples win the "most doused in pesticides contest", and an increasing number of studies are starting to link higher body burden of pesticides with Parkinson's disease on some fruits, but would that mean we should cut the skin off them?

Why does this matter? The skin of fruit has higher concentrations of antioxidants and fiber (with lower sugar) than the rest of the fruit. (I know, pesticides, too, but wash your produce well, and cut out the top and bottom divots in apples, because that’s where pesticides collect.) Remember that all the studies showing massive health benefits from eating fruits and vegetables are done with conventional produce. And remember that animal protein have a much higher concentration of pesticides than even sprayed veggies and fruits do. Remember?

The minute you cut the skin off the apple or peach, you have consigned yourself to a lifetime of making the world’s fast foods a great big hassle. You won’t always be there to cut the skins off. Wouldn’t it be better to eat the whole thing, so in future years, you come home, wash the apple in the bowl on your counter, and eat the whole, nutritious thing? Remove the peel and the food isn’t quite as “whole”—less fiber is slowing down bloodstream sugar absorption.

Would cutting the skin off cause devolution (the opposite of evolution) of the palates and jaws, and would we loose our abilities for our muscles and wide palates to break down fibrous whole foods? Hmmmm

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NegusAmlak said...

Wash Warsh Waaaaaaash! Good play on words through the read. Blessed New Year Be Well Fam