Friday, December 4, 2009

I went to the asian market and found .....

a whole bucket full of them ......

dead bats? Jewelry? bull horn? i didnt know what to make of these !!!!
sooo here i found a few little things about them !!

-These are known as Water Caltrop (Trapa Bicornis)
-They are a type of water chestnut.

-They have been farmed in china for over 3000 years

- Good for fevers and hangovers

-Are known as a noxious weeds in Australia, florida, north carolina and washington

-These are a popular street food in China served roasted.

just thought id share my findings from my adventure at the asian market today !!!!

have a great weekend family !!!


Yeshimabet said...

pretty ill...nature's oddities..lovely treasures in our everyday...bless

?uiet Storm said...

Truly amazing what nature can yield. We r still so minute in comparison. Meet me at the bank of the beautiful river when this journey has ended+++right over there!


Tumadros said...

Yeshi is right. nature's oddities. thanks Choke bcus I have always been a collector of shells and never seen anyway like those

Kita said...

Very impressive. Georgia O'Keeffe was wrong