Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Inuit

If they can make through the snow ..... I KNOW i can . "Create fear and panic and people will shop. The economy thrives off this. Makes me wonder sometimes if the weather is controlled. nudge nudge>>>

the Inuit are the native cultures that continue to live on coastal areas of the artic tundra in canada, alaska, siberia and greenland.Over this broad area there are many different groups of people. Some share common ancestors, others probably do not, but most have similar ways of living in the artic. Inuit traditionally hunted for seals, whales, polar bears, caribou, birds and other animals from the ocean and tundra. Inuit People invented the Kayak and used these small boats to hunt for artic marine animals. Because of great respect for these animals. Inuit have traditional customs that must be followed during a hunt. Inuit Myths were inspired by the environment that they lived withing, including the magical appearances of the aurora in the night sky, the long dark winters, and the icy artic ocean.

Photos from 1897 - 1913


Mara Feeney said...

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