Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sore Throat Juice Remedy

Lately I'm learning that there's a healing juice you can drink for practically any ailment that you experience.

Radish and ginger juices mixed with other juices tend to clear the sinus cavities and strengthen mucus membranes, and through doing so they often soothe sore throats. If you have a sore throat, try juicing the following:

2 (1-inch thick) organic pineapple rounds
3 radishes
1 handful of dandelion greens

Process in your juicer and drink!

*Another home remedy for sore throats:

1 slice horseradish root +
juice of one whole lemon +
warm water +
(optional for non-vegans) add honey to taste


TipQ said...

How about a frost McFlurry from McDonalds? Won't that help?


....cHoke.... said...

OHHH yahhhh ..that'll do the trick ..

Anonymous said...

thnx...ginger also helps to heal a sore throat

Freedom said...

The only thing that seems to work for me are the organic and natural tea "traditional medicinals" coat throat. That stuff is awesome! I will try your suggestion next time. I get them often in the winter.