Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vitamins: Water-Soluble vs. Fat-Soluble

Vitamins fall into two categories: fat-soluble and water-soluble. Fat soluble vitamins are stored in the body and used as needed. Water-soluble vitamins are not stored and therefore must be replenished every day.

Water-Soluble Vitamins:

B Vitamins (B1--Thiamine ,B2--Riboflavin , B3--Niacin, B6--Pyridoxine, B12--cobalimin, and folic acid, panothenic acid, and biotin)
-->Best sources: leafy greens, alfalfa sprouts, wheatgrass, brown rice, beans, sprouts, legumes, whole grains

Vitamin C
-->Best sources: broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, apples, citrus fruits, green and bell peppers, strawberries

Fat-soluble Vitamins:

Vitamin A
--->Best sources: carrots, apricots, cantaloupes

Vitamin D
--->Best source: sunlight!

Vitamin E
-->Best sources: sunflower seeds, whole grains, beets, celery, leafy greens

Vitamin K
-->Best sources: spinach, greens (kale, collard, mustard), brussel sprouts, parsley, romaine lettuce

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