Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Your Face Might Be Telling You

Assuming that your face is kept clean and your vitamin intake is where it needs to be, breakouts almost always reveal something about your diet and/or your body's internal state. Now theories are emerging that locations of breakouts tell us even more than ever . . .

Natural Health magazine had an article that proved this and offered much insight. Here's the shortened version . . .

Facial breakout locations their indications:

FOREHEAD - always indicates a digestive problem

CHEEKS - indication of too much sugar (this includes sugars from fruits and fruit juices)

AROUND MOUTH - indication of too many berries in diet

CHIN - indication of too much dairy in diet

JAW LINE - indication of a hormonal imbalance (adding omega 3, 6, & 9 to your diet could possibly help)

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Anonymous said...

Hey bro, read this blog every day and its hella tight.
Just wanted to add that I went on drugs like acutane and my acnee didnt go away untill i stoped eating wheat. so I agree with you post about skin problems somtime are caused by diet.

GeorgiaAvenueErnest said...

This blog is so great to read on a snowy day in DC. I read almost every post this year today. Call me a homebody. At least I'm well and good.

....cHoke.... said...

i will admit i was on accutane for a good week and a half (back in 2003) when my body told me that this stuff is very harmful to the body and shouldnt be taken by humans ( or anything for that matter) the simple things u stated in ur post makes me laugh because my face says EXACTLY that !!! trying to curb foods and habits is tough but with enough encouragement and a great team like this one..... im getting better !!!
thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!

cocktailour said...

I've struggled with acne for years. By suggestion of my doctor, I took antibiotics for 2 years on and off (typically in 6 month intervals). I finally decided to stop when I realized they were causing more internal problems than they were supposed to solve. I spoke with a naturopathic doctor who encouraged me to reduce my dairy and sugar intake, while adding a few supplements to my diet (including guggul which was mentioned in another post). Everyone else has noticed tremendous progress in my battle with acne. I'm a little harder on myself :)