Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Words To Live By Are>>> ?


I think competency in foreign languages has almost always been looked on as a positive thing. Most of the world is at least bilingual and many people choose to learn more than just two languages. Eventually, the avid language learner will invariably ask him/herself, “Which language should I learn now?”

Lesson for the week::::::::::::::How to Say "Peace" in our top "10" favorite languages:::::

1.) Írq, Amharic

Maluhia, Hawaiian

Shalom, Hebrew

4.) Salam, Arabic

La Paz, Spanish

Alaáfía, Yoruba

Amniat, Pashto

Däilama, Sa'a

Ets'a'an Olal, Maya

Friður ,Icelandic

The languages I’ve fussed with are all over the map, but for quite some time, English, French, Spanish and Italian have long been the languages I either had or would eventually have. "Think GLOBAL and your scope will increase your execution"...and this, INI quote. Bless<<<

Here are a few more you just might wanna know for the sake of it!

Hasîtî, Kurdish

Hau, Tahitian

Hedd, Welsh

Hmethó, Otomi

Hoa Bình, Vietnamese

Ilifayka, Koasati

Innaihtsi'iyi, Blackfoot

Kagiso, Setswana

Kalilíntad, Magindanaon

Kapayapaan, Tagalog Filipino

K'é, Navajo

Lapé Haitian, Creole

Layéni, Zapoteco

Li-k'ei, Tlingit

Linew, Manobo

Lùmana, Hausa

Mabuhay, Tagalog

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Simone said...

What about French, La Paix????

Should I take it as a mere oversight or is it indeed not among the languages of interest????